Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

A Crazy foreign Policy Nightmare Week

            The United States finds itself with fewer and fewer friends this week and has even been given warnings. Three countries of which two are considered to be world powers are at the throat of the America and they may just be getting ready to bite down.

            It has been a really crazy week in foreign relations for the U.S. and it is unlikely that things are going to get any better. A major problem in Iraq is causing considerable grief for the current administration. The Kurds have allegedly been attacking the Turks across the Iraq Turkey border and the Turks have had enough. Last week the Turkish Parliament voted to allow military attacks on the Kurds across the Iraqi border.

            This is particularly big issue for the United States because if Turkey were to attack across the border it would be a very de-stabilizing event. Unfortunately, for the United States it is not likely that they can allow another hostile army to come into the already volatile situation. If things do not work out in a diplomatic way we might just find ourselves in limited skirmishes with the Turks.

            On another front we have President Vladimir Putin of Russia, I almost wrote the Soviet Union, because that it what it is beginning to look like now. A lot of people had their doubts about this former KGB agent and we just may find out the hard way that the Russian President has some very big idea on who should be the world’s only super power. I guess we all believed it when President said he looked him in the eye and found his soul mate, maybe not exactly like that, but you are the judge. Putin has made it very clear that if the U.S. attacks Iran, Russia will have something to say about it, and I do not believe he will go tattle-telling to the United Nations. Instead it would be one phone call and the missiles would fly.

            Now, off to our right we have China. That is correct, the country which has been secretly poisoning us, our children and killing our pets. All the while they are using the money they earn from our consumption of their products to pay for their military industrial complex. Put all of these country together and we may jut have a crazy little game here. China is giving the U, S, warnings over the United States honoring the Dali lama.

            With all the things which are going on perhaps we should sit back and take a few breathes and assess the situation. I think for the trouble with the Kurds, the United States should run a border checkpoint between the Turks and Kurds, to act some kind of buffer zone,

            Not much we can do with China; the issue was that our Congress and the President honored the Dali Lama with the Congressional Gold Medal. President Putin is another story all together. and he seems determined to threaten the United States with military force. Can anybody say Inter-continental Ballistic Missile?

The only way I can see to reconcile this situation is for the United State to make reconciliations towards these countries. I guess will have to wait and see how much pride this administration has.


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