Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

A North American Union?

            Those of us in the alternative media have been following this possibility very closely. In the beginning, it was considered to be another conspiracy theory and nobody really gave it much attention. The time has come when we can state categorically that it is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact. Much like the European Union the North American Union would merge sovereign countries into a large conglomerate. The hope is that this merger into one large super state would then allow us to compete with the European Union and create a currency, which can possibly crush the Euro.

            When the leaders of the European countries first began to meet and discuss merging their countries together and creating a new currency, the leaders, with cooperation of the press, were able to silence the dissenters as conspiracy theorist. This caused many people to not pay attention and gave the governments enough time to have the people gradually accept the concept. The only real problem is that Britain and a few other European countries do not like the Constitution drafted by the leaders. I fear that this Constitution will be passed by deception, because enough people are not aware of what is going on.

            There are those that say what is wrong with a North American Union? It would give us a way in which we can compete in the global market. They argue that we have been left behind when the European countries merged and the Euro has distanced the dollar in growth. There is also the talk of an Asian Union, which would merge all of the Asian countries. We already pretty much have an Arab Union, but I am sure that they will take that to the next step. Although, that may be a difficult road considering the trouble in the Middle East with factional fighting all over the place. The main problem is that America is a much different country than the others involved. Although America and Canada are pretty close, they do share fundamental differences. Mexico is much different from America and Canada. These three countries differ socially and economically.

            Another relevant problem is whose laws to enact? Whose Constitution do we follow? Who will be the leader of this union? These are questions that the people of each country must ask themselves. I for one am of the opinion that Americans is not ready, or willing to participate in such a program. Even if our government at times does not reflect the values of the people, it does not mean that the people will always blindly follow the government.

            The leaders of our three countries have been having meetings on the subject and it is put forth by some that they are willing to do it secretively. It is time that the American people open their eyes and watch closely what our government is doing, or we will find that this situation is a conspiracy, but has ceased to be a theory.


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