Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Danger – A New War is Brewing

            It is clear that there is an agenda in progress, which seems to go against the very fabric of the American way. It is now clear to this writer that the American government has adopted a policy of pre-emptive war and that the American people have let it happen. We have let government leaders convince us that every other country out there is a potential danger to our way of life and that if they develop nuclear weapons then we will surely be destroyed. Case in point it was said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they would be able to develop nuclear weapons that could possibly be given over to terrorist. It does not seem that this was true. We had the U.N. weapons inspectors and even some American weapons inspectors tell us that. Remember Scott Ritter, he has been on the alternative news circuit explaining that the government lied, oops, mislead to the American people and that Iraq had no such weapons. By the way, I didn’t believe him at the time either.

            Now the government chatter has been steadily increasing over the idea that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that we must strike them first before they can develop them and hit us. Americans are being lied to again and being manipulated into another pre-emptive war. I have seen the reports of the Naval vessels being sent into the Persian Gulf off of the coast of Iran. It is my belief that these ships are placed there to try and provoke Iran into igniting a war by attacking our ships. Of course, if they do not attack, I fear that our government will stage an attack much like the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This is where the governments staged a fake attack on our ships, to blame it on the Vietnamese, as a reason to get into a war with Vietnam.

            This country has never before in its history condoned pre-emptive war, but now I fear we have let the demon out of the box and we will see many other instances of the same thing happening if we do not change our current positions. It is time that we get back to the Constitution and heed the warnings of President Washington, “Avoid foreign entanglements.” In the light of history, it is clear that this was sound advice. Unfortunately, it went unheeded and I fear that we may pay a high price for ignoring it.

            I believe it strange to think that I had heard that when President Clinton bombed Bosnia that it was for the oil in the Caspian sea. It was also stated that there was a need to get that oil down to the Persian Gulf and that it would have to go through three countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. I thought it was crazy at the time, but now I see that it has just followed suit as it had been stated at the time. I believe it is time to look at the things, which were called conspiracy theories and find out which ones have come to pass and are no longer theories at all.

            I am fearful that if the government cannot carry out an attack on our ships in the Persian Gulf that they will then turn to a terrorist attack against the American public, and blame it on terrorists in Iran, and tell us that we must go in there to take them out. I am also fearful that they used a very powerful attack on 911 and they must now come up with something bigger. I have heard a lot about suitcase nukes over the last few years. Let’s pray that they are not that crazy.


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