Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Hit the Bench Blackwater, DynCorp is Stepping Up to Bat

            Blackwater has been in the media spotlight lately amidst allegations of wrongful deaths and excessive force used in security operations in Iraq. Recently the Iraqi government has condemned the private security firm and has even stated in no uncertain that they want this corporation off of Iraqi soil. Americans might remember Blackwater as the company that came into the Katrina disaster area and disarmed the populace, leaving them defenseless against violent criminals and looters. It is difficult to imagine anything worse than the unwarranted deaths of your people at the hands of private security forces; however, sometimes you just trade one form of evil for another.

            In an obvious protectionist move of Blackwater, the U.S. State Department has extended immunity from prosecution in numerous claims of unwarranted violence against Iraqi civilians. In order to quell the outrage over the immunities granted to the security firm, it has been rumored that Blackwater will be fazed out of Iraq and DynCorp will begin to take over operations in the war torn country.

            Unfortunately, for the Iraqi people, DynCorp is still trying to recover from allegations of human sex trafficking in Bosnia Herzegovina. It is bad enough that they were caught trafficking in human slavery, but children were not immune from the robust sex trade run by the multi-national company. The American media did not make much of the scandal and apparently the American public did not find it outrageous enough to stand up and hold these people accountable. Mostly unknown to the American public is that the United Nations itself was found to be guilty of running child sex rings for its members, so there really is no one to turn to for oversight in these matters.

            I think it is bad enough to have either Blackwater or DynCorp in the country one at a time, but what is going to happen during the changing of the guard and both of these companies are in the land. I think it is time that we have some sort of oversight on these corporations which are given billions of dollars in American tax dollars in no bid contracts. It just has the stench of corruption and evil beyond anything that the American people could conceive of. It is not in the best interest to grant immunity to any corporation for misconduct or even practices which are at best inhumane.

            These companies are examples of corporations which have joined into the global market and are willing to make a profit doing anything, even if it is dealing in human flesh. If you think that the scandals of Enron and WorldCom were bad, you have not seen anything yet, and most likely you will not if the media and the government have anything to do about it.


Website – CorpWatch (DynCorp Human Sex Trafficking Scandal)

Website – AFP (State Department Gives Immunity to Blackwater Employees)

Website – Citizen Works (Enron, WorldCom, and Other Corporate Scandals)

Website – The Christian Science Monitor (United Nations Sex Scandal)


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