Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

How about a Real Investigation of 911

            It seems strange to me that this country would spend millions of dollars investigating President Clinton, yet we will not even spend 1 million investigating 911, the most catastrophic manufactured event to happen in the history of the United States. I must join the growing chorus of voices that do not believe the government’s official story about the events surrounding 911. The 911-commission report does not fully explain the events of 911 and leave more questions than it answered. I remember when the 911 investigation started that it was stated that, “We are going to find out what happened, but we are not investigating to assign blame.” I have to wonder what that statement was about. It sounded to me as though the government failed due to its ineptitude, but I believe that that was just a rouse to fool the American people, and the world, into believing the official 911 story.

            It is my belief that if we investigate the events of 911 that the whole point of the investigation was not only to find out what happened, but who was to blame as well. If it was due to gross negligence as even the government has asserted, or through a malicious plan carried out by rogue agencies within our government, we must find the answers and hold those individuals accountable. It is the premise of the government that they had intelligence spanning decades that Al-Qaeda was going to strike U.S. targets outside and inside this country. Our officials and security agencies simply claim that they did not connect the dots. Hmm, from what I understand there were quite a few dots and that the FBI itself had information that Al Qaeda was operating within the United States, but they ordered by Presidential Directive, (W991), not to pursue the suspected terrorist. I must ask the question as to why a United States President would order law enforcement and security agencies not to pursue known members of a terrorist organization operating in the United States. This is especially true due to the fact that the terrorists groups were targeting U.S. assets. The embassy bombings in Africa, as well as, the attack on the U.S. Cole were still fresh in the minds of the American people.

            It is my position that the events of 911 were so horrendous that they merit the largest investigation that the United States has ever launched. After so many years of those diligent people in the alternative media have spent trying to bring to light the events of that day, we must acknowledge their evidence, because in fact it has grown to overwhelming proportions. I must give kudos to Alex Jones of, the producers of Loose Change, and those affiliated with These people are truly looking after the best interest of the sheep, not only in this country, but the world as well. Great job guys, I am with you every step of the way. Let’s initiate a new 911 investigation. I would even suggest that if the Congress or the Senate are not willing to do it, then maybe it is time for the citizens of the United States to have their own independent investigation. Sometimes the people must rise against a tyrannical government. If we cannot do that because of 911, then what will it take?


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