Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Is Being a Republican Hurting Ron Paul’s Chances?

I was sitting here going through the myriad of Ron Paul videos and online opinion pieces when I got the idea to try to email a video sample of why Ron Paul should be President. The first reply came back rather rapidly. The main idea of the response was that while Ron Paul touched on many truths, my friend stated that he felt that Ron Paul was fake just like the other politicians making their bid for the Whitehouse.

I wasn’t quite sure of what to make of this. I mean I have been listening and following Ron Paul for some time and I do not see anything fake about him. In fact, Ron Paul has been one of the most steady and reliable men in the Congress that I can recall. Therefore, I was left with the enigma of why someone would believe that Ron Paul is as fake as the rest of the politicians.

It is my belief that many Americans are conditioned to believe that all politicians are liars and it does not matter which party they hail from. The bias is automatically generated when the idea of politics is brought up. So what is it that has brought Americans to this point of Sinicism? Well, it comes from years of people witnessing the behavior of politicians. In many instances, the American people have been left feeling that the politicians have not been acting in the people’s best interest. It seems as though this feeling of disenfranchisement has only increased in recent years.

America has for the most part become that which the founding fathers did not intend it to be, a two party system. It is a corrupted system, which does not rely on the true character of the individual running for office, but instead how much money that person can raise. The American people have also been manipulated into dividing themselves into two groups. This is the Republicans and the Democrats. Of course there is a sprinkling of third parties, but there again the American people have been brainwashed into believing that if you vote for a third party then, “You are throwing away your vote.”

Ron Paul tried running as a Libertarian candidate back in 1988 and found that the time was not right and obviously he did not win. The American people were too entrenched in their parties’ ideological beliefs to follow anyone that made any real sense. This seems to be the reason why Dr. Ron Paul decided to run as a Republican, but I fear that this may be his undoing in this election. I have to say that I am nearly 100% in agreement with Ron Paul on the issues, but I believe this was the wrong time to run as a Republican.

The truth of the matter is that both parties are having severe troubles with their base. The main issue is of course the war in Iraq. Many Americans now feel that it is time to take our troops out of that country and bring them home. It is for these reasons that I must say that I believe this is the year that a third party candidate could win. It is my sincere hope that if Ron Paul does not receive the Republican Party nomination, that he will run as a third party candidate, preferably Libertarian or Independent.

I believe that it is time that the American people act to save this country and voting for Congressman Ron Paul for President is a good start.


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