Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Media Blackout of Ron Paul

It is clear that there is an agenda behind the media blackout of Congressman Ron Paul’s run for the Republican nomination. Overwhelmingly, Ron Paul has absolutely annihilated all of the other Republicans running for the coveted nod to become the next presidential candidate representing the party in almost all online polls. Ron Paul has been winning almost all of the straw polls, yet the public has only heard about the Iowa Straw Poll, where the media claimed that Mitt Romney won. The only problem with that assessment was that Ron Paul supporters tried to block the electronic voting machines manufactured by Diebold, because they were flawed.

Well, a judge said that the machines could still be used, and low and behold, the official tally was held up due to malfunctioning machines. Not a big surprise to anyone that is paying close attention, but the mainstream media did not really make a big deal of it. If anyone has been paying attention to Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, they would quickly discover that there is a definite news blackout when the stories are concerning wins by Dr. Ron Paul. In past Republican Straw Polls it was lauded as a huge sweep when a particular candidate was winning in a consistent manner, but somehow that has changed, yet only in this particular run.

Even when the media was covering the Iowa Straw Poll they mentioned every candidate except for Ron Paul, even the ones that placed below him and those that did not even participate. I know this for a fact, because I watched those stations and I took screenshots of their news stories, as well, as the online poll results. I even thought that it was hilarious when Fox News tried to do an online poll during the Republican debate only to find that Ron Paul was the clear winner. They even went so far as to devalue their own poll in order to demean Ron Paul’s victory, stating that they do not care what the poll results shows, they believe that he does not represent the party. Well, I have news for you guys, he represents the party much more than you false conservatives do. Try to follow the Constitution for a change, instead of waging a war against the freedoms of the American citizens.

It is clear that the elites in the media and in the Republican Party do not want Ron Paul to win the nomination. They see the future and for them it is bleak indeed if Congressman Paul were to get into the Oval Office. It would indicate the slipping away of their power and the voice of the people would finally be heard. To tell the truth, with the media and the powers that be working against a Ron Paul’s nomination, it only serves to make him that much more desirable.


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