Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Religious Right would rather have Ron Paul than Giuliani

            As reported by the Reuters news agency, a recent poll of Christian Conservatives puts Ron Paul in third place as the choice for their GOP candidate for the Presidential race of 2008. Mitt Romney topped the poll with 27.6 percent of the vote, followed closely by Mike Huckabee with 27.1 percent. Ron Paul showed in the poll with almost 15 percent of the vote. This has to be a huge moral buster for the McCain, Giuliani, and Thompson campaigns, who all received less than 10 percent support, with Giuliani bringing up the rear at just 2 percent.

            The media has really been playing up their boy, Rudy Giuliani, but it seems they now may be realizing that he just does not translate well to their conservative base. Recently, the media seems to be giving a lot of attention to Mike Huckabee, the Arkansas Governor turned Presidential hopeful, who by all accounts is a good candidate. However, he will tow the Party line and if the people of this country want real change, they should surely consider Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

            It is likely that the GOP would rather have a Huckabee presidential ticket than one that might feature Ron Paul. Of course, it has become a mission of sorts for the people to spearhead the Ron Paul campaign. This is a completely “Grass roots effort” on the part of his supporters. There is even a new fundraising launch for Dr. Ron Paul and it will most likely garner a lot of support as well as donations.

            The one thing which the media seems to be ignoring about Congressman Paul’s campaign is that he spends the least amount of money but he gains the most support in the polls and debates. No matter how the media tries to spin it, Ron Paul is a clear front-runner in this campaign.

            It is no surprise that the perceived Republican front-runners cannot get the support of the Religious Right. Christian Conservatives will tend to only vote Party lines if there is at least a candidate which agrees with some of its moral values. Giuliani finds himself seriously lacking in this department because by all accounts Rudy is a fiscal Conservative, but he is a Liberal on social issues. Not a good combination, as the Governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven.

            Maybe the GOP is in or a bit of a shock in this election cycle. It almost seems that the people are getting tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Of course, there is also the late entry of Stephen Colbert to take into account. I know, it is pretty much a joke and he is just trying to have a bit of fun, but wouldn’t it be funny if he actually gained enough momentum and support to be a serious candidate. Just something to think about as the Party leaders tries to push the candidate of their choice down our throats.


Reuters News Agency – Ed Stoddard


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