Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Should the United States accept the Amero as its new Currency?

            Although government officials declare the idea of a North American Union as a mere conspiracy theory, we find that the story is now making the rounds in mainstream media. The story is not as prominent as it should and is in general hidden in the back pages of the newspapers, and a quick blurb on the television news. However, this is an issue which is to impact every American whether they realize it, or not.

            For some time now I have been reading stories of a new currency which our government officials have been secretly trying to implement on the citizens of this country. It is mostly spoken of in hushed tones and is only in the light, thankfully to patriotic Americans which have gone public. It is unclear as to why the general population will not accept the reports given by those that have knowledge of such things, but it is a dangerous thing when we are deceived by those we elect, but it is much more dangerous to deceive ourselves.

            The Amero is a new currency that would be used by every citizen of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This has also come to be known as the, “North American Union.” There are many stories in the media which clearly indicates that this is happening, but the people involved in its implementation simply deny that it is happening and for the most part, the questions are soon forgotten by the public.

            The people involved in actively pushing this agenda forward, do believe that it is the only way that the United States can compete with the European Union, and given the value of the Dollar as opposed to the Euro, it may well be the case. Unfortunately, it was these same people which developed this situation in the first place. I am speaking of the major corporations, who through greed and manipulation are in the process of forming nations into very profitable enterprises.

            Many of these corporations have willing accomplices in the leaders of these nations. The corporations actively lobby the leaders of many governments to get their agenda through. This includes the use of bribes, coercions, and other nefarious means. People are not stupid and that is why they are aware that corporations do things that society would deem unethical, as well as downright illegal. There have been numerous recent corporate scandals to consider these charges as common knowledge.

            It is these corporations which wish to create this new currency because, alone the Dollar is losing its value due to the loss of American resources and manufacturing. However, if they combine the economies of the three largest North American countries, the backing of the new currency would be increased exponentially, thereby giving an untold boost to the economies of the participating nations.

            The reason why these stories are coming to the forefront recently is to acclimate the population to the idea. First these stories come out as simple conspiracy theories, and then it is found that there have a basis in reality and they become mainstream. It is not long before they become discussions of debate, and all the while the apathetic populace is being conditioned to accept the idea.

            This is exactly what happened when the plan of the merger of the European Nations was being implemented. While the Euro has become a powerhouse on the world market, there are many social issues which are yet to be overcome. We have to ask ourselves, do we really want a new Constitution? Do we really want to give up our Bill of Rights? These questions are important because this is ultimately what the result will be if this plan comes to fruition.

            It is time that the citizens of America make a choice. Either stand up and oppose the idea of a North American Union, or simply accept it and relinquish our sovereignty, our freedoms, and our way of life.


Website: World Net Daily


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