Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Some Buildings Fall and Some Do Not

            I think it is time to give the conspiracy buffs some credit. They have been saying all along that no steel framed high-rise building has collapsed before, or after 911 due to fire. Guess what? We have two recent buildings to add to the claims. It is my belief that as these situations arise it will be much more difficult for anyone to truly believe the official story of the events on 911. I believe that it is time to start keeping a record of these high-rise fires because it will only strengthen the argument that 911 was an inside job.

            According to news reports, on December 6, 2004 the LaSalle building in Chicago caught fire. Construction of the LaSalle building was completed in 1934. This building is a steel framed structure consisting of 45 floors and stands 535 feet. The fire burned for over five hours and this building did not collapse. The report goes on to say that, thick black smoke was the character tic of this fire, sound familiar.

            Another news report states that on August 14, 2007 that the new Shanghai financial center in China caught fire on the 40th floor and burned for a total of 1 hour and fifteen minutes. This building is a steel framed structure with concrete and glass. Again, we have another similarity with the Twin Towers. I believe we are going to see many more examples of steel framed buildings that do not fall because of fire.

            The most recent incident involves a building, which was actually part of ground zero on 911. The building was being taken apart floor by floor. It was originally 41 stories, but at the time of the fire, it was 29 stories tall. According to RTE News, a 7-alarm fire broke out in August of 2007 and burned out of control on the 14th and 15th floors for five hours. It is further noted that the building had been heavily damaged after the 911 attacks, but it did not collapse on 911, nor did it do so because of this fire.

            There are many examples of other high-rise fires which burn hotter and over a long period of time, yet the buildings do not collapse. There is even an incident, which involved a B-2 bomber flying into the Empire State building, and of course, that building still stands to this day. It is time that we start paying attention to what is going on before our eyes. Somebody lies to us and we do not take the time to investigate what they are saying. This just strengthens the need to re-open the 911 investigations and bring justice to those that have lied and covered up the truth.


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