Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

The North American Union is coming – And There is Nothing You can do about it

            Many people have been speaking out against the North American Union. The North American Union is to be a consolidation of the countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico. However, according to former Mexican President Vincente Fox, it includes almost all South American countries as well. The only problem nation as of now seems to be Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez put the kibosh on the Americas consolidation by openly opposing the United States.

            This puts Venezuela in a very precarious situation. The country has put itself into a situation where they are the only opposition to this long planned North American Merger. It is unlikely that this country alone will be able to completely thwart the plans of our governments to merge. It is likely that once the merger happens, the country of Venezuela will either follow suit, or simply be destroyed by the powers that be.

            Nevertheless, we have a problem here in the United States where it is now admitted on National television that there is a plan which has been implemented to destroy not only the sovereignty of the United States, but of all of the countries involved in this merger. This is a plan which was thought out and meticulously implemented using stealth and deception on the American people.

            Now we find that the people responsible for it are openly discussing it as if it was an inevitability, and they may well be right. We have seen where our elected officials have openly gone against the will of the people time and time again, the most blatant example being the North American Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA). This treaty was the beginning of the end for the sovereignty of all Nations in the Americas.

            On CNN with Larry King, Ex Mexican President Vincente Fox admits that he and President Bush are actively pushing for a North American Union. He further goes on to admit that there will be a new currency for the region, very much like the Euro.

            We find ourselves in a position where no matter what we think or do, these people will destroy our nations and there is nothing we can do about it. The people which want this merger to take place have permeated and gained power in every branch of our government.

We have a President who is actively working to destroy our sovereignty. The House and the Senate are actively participating as well, or at least enough of them to pass the bills and treaties which will further their agenda. We can even see where our courts will gladly go along with these governmental actions as well, evidenced by the courts willingness to go along with International law even if it is at odds with our Constitution.

I have come to believe that it does not matter whether we vote Republican, or Democrat, they are all of one mind and this plan will continue forward. I give only one possible exception to the previous statement and that is Texas Congressman Ron Paul. We cannot fully trust anybody, but his voting record, his speeches, and the treatment he receives from other candidates and the media leads me to believe he is the right choice.

            We have to ask ourselves what recourse do we have if all of our bodies of government are openly working against us. We find that they are openly and even deceitfully trying to open up our borders and grant rights of citizenship to people that break our laws by coming over here illegally. We find that since they can not pass these bills openly, they simply break them apart and try to hide them in other bills like DOD Funding.

            I do not think that we have much more time left before this North American Union becomes a reality. The men and women which have been actively been working on this plan have been doing so for quite some time in the cover of darkness, and they are ahead of the game. It is possible that they feel quite confident now, so much so, that they can now discuss it in public, and the American people do not even blink.


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