Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

When we do not call it Torture, it makes it Ok

            Many in political and media circles have decided to come up with a new name for torture. Now they call it, “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.” This is as ridiculous as when the police started using the term, “Person of Interest,” instead of suspect. You see when people in power want to do something that we as Americans are opposed to, they merely will start to call it something else. It does not take long for the media to start following the government’s lead. Just as we used to call people that came to this country illegally, “Illegal Aliens,” then it was, “Illegal Immigrants,” and now we have come down to, “Undocumented Workers.” Do you see how the affect lessens as you change the words you use? It is a pretty standard psychological tool used very effectively against the American people.

            There have been people in the current administration quoted as saying that torture is good and that the President has the authority to torture any one that he believes might be a terrorist, which includes any person, or group of persons including American citizens. They further stated that “Crushing the testicles of children,” “Torturing children in front of their parents, including rape,” is ok and they have the authority to do such things.

            You do not hear much about this in the media and if you do it is a quick blurb which gains no traction. It is my belief that such things are just too horrifying for the average person to contemplate. They want to believe that their leaders can not be that monstrous. They have basically denied all of the evidence in order to cope and not to have these atrocities affect their safe little existence, “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” and of course do nothing to stop evil.

            You would think that this would appeal to people just on a human level, but it will not. Many will read of such things and they will say nothing, because it does not affect them or their family. Nevertheless, what makes them believe that it can happen to others, but that it will never come to them? Remember, it is now coming to fruition that those that speak against the government are starting to be labeled as terrorists, and the same is now happening to Christians. Who will be next? Well, why don’t you just wait until they come breaking into your house and take your family away to some secret torture camp?



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