Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Why not Re-open the 911 Investigations?

Ok, I think it’s safe to say that many people, especially those on the Internet, have seen the websites run by people that believe the 911 investigation should be reopened. Well, what is the problem with doing that? Just to let you know where I am coming from I will give you a brief history of myself.


I served in the United States Army from 1983 until 1989 and I was honorably discharged. I was Airborne and a communications specialist. I am a registered Republican and have been since the day I was registered to vote. I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, such personalities as Rush Limbaugh, George Putnam, John and Ken, Bill Handle just to mention a few and give you a better idea of where I am coming from. I became so politicized that I only voted party lines on all issues no matter what. I also would only vote for Republican candidates even when I didn’t know anything about them. Pretty stupid huh? I think so too.


I even voted for Bob Dole in 1994 because I did not want to see President Clinton get a second term. I voted for President Bush in both of his elections. At the time, I was sick and tired of having Bill Clinton as President because of the many policies he was pursuing, and yes because of his indiscretions as well. I felt as if it was possible that with President Bush in office things would change for the better and this country would move in a new direction. After 911 happened I was horrified and in shock, as was much of the country I am sure. When the American public was told that terrorists were behind it I was more than ready and willing to believe it.


When it was announced that Suddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was working with the terrorist, I believed that as well and I went and re-enlisted in the military. I had to join the National Guard because they base your eligibility on what your rank will be and how many dependants you have. I was so dedicated and believed in the cause so much that I had to lose sixty pounds to get in and I was able to do that in three months. This is how much I believed the reports from the government officials. Fortunately, I was not sent to Iraq. My company was designated as homeland defense and instead we were training with the police, SWAT, and fire departments. I have now been out of the service since July 2005 and yes, I did receive another honorable discharge.


Ok so now on to the business at hand and the point of this article. As time has passed and the shock of the events of 911 has subsided it comes to mind that many questions are as of yet to be answered. I have poured through the many websites and watched the many hours of documentaries out there and I find that these people have many valid points. It is our responsibility to see that justice is served for the American people as well as those, which lost their lives on 911 and to the soldiers that are still dying for this cause.


I can honestly say that you must look at these pictures, documentaries, and evidence brought forth by these individuals. They have spent a lot of time and are far better at presenting the information than I am. There are a few things, which I cannot wrap my mind around about the events of that day. Every time I see the Twin Towers fall I keep thinking how can two buildings hit in two different sections fall in exactly the same manner and so fast. Why is there no wreckage of an airplane in the pictures and video directly following the Pentagon crash? Why does building number seven at the Twin Towers look exactly like a controlled demolition? Why was the debris cleaned up so fast the steel shipped to China for recycling?


These are just very few of the questions, which need to be answered by the government. I have seen the polls where many Americans do not believe the governments official 911 account. I remember that a lot of the news accounts and stories over the years since 911 have portrayed the government officials as incompetent on that particular day and the years leading up to the events of 911. I just can’t help feeling that if the government was that incompetent, then many of these officials should lose their jobs. I fear that it is something much more diabolical. I am of the belief now that persons inside our own government have perpetrated these terrorist events and it is time that the American people seek justice and hold these individuals accountable.


I would suggest these websites:


I would suggest these documentaries:

Go to Google video and type “Loose Change”

Go to Google video and type “In Plane Site”

Go to Google video and type “911 Road to Tyranny”


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