Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Will the U.S. ever have a Third Party President?

            It is possible that the United States could elect a President from a Third Party. This is amid much discourse over the current order of affairs and the politician’s apparent unwillingness to change policies. The issues most watched by Americans include such things as, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Illegal Immigration, Health Care, and the Economy.

            As the wars have continued on, the American people have realized that things are not going well, and have not produced the results they were promised. While the American people have been told to remain patient and give it time, the patience of the people has reached its end. In the last mid term elections, the Democrats saw themselves take control of the Senate, as well as the House of Representatives. This change of power was to be interpreted as a mandate to change the course of this nation in the wars.

            However, the Democrats have been impotent in their efforts to change any policy and are unwilling to reclaim its powers of checks and balances as sort forth by the Founding Fathers of this country. Thereby, giving President Bush the authority to do as he pleases without answering to either the Legislative, or Judicial branches of the government.

            Many Conservatives are disenchanted with their party as well, and no longer see the logic behind the government’s legislative acts. One of the major issues that concerns Conservatives is the issue of border enforcement and security. Conservatives feel as though the GOP has been trying to push through an Amnesty for illegal aliens and have found willing allies with the Democratic Party. Polls overwhelmingly show that Americans do not support Amnesty, nor do they support any new legislation, but instead, prefer that the government enforce current immigration laws.

            We find ourselves in a peculiar situation where neither Party is acting on the desires of their respective bases. This has left much of the American people left feeling disenfranchised by their own Parties. The way in which the government is now handling important issues leads one to conclude that the system is broken and in need of an overhaul.

            The closest thing to a Third Party candidate running as of now is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. In truth, he is more Libertarian than anything else, but his message rings true with both sides of the aisle. However, the mainstream media has done a great job of keeping the Congressman out of the spotlight. Ron Paul has appeared in the Republican debates and in all cases he has been able to either win, or place very high in the polls. It is possible that because he is running as a Republican that he could suffer a backlash of the voters against the GOP.

            It is a good time for a Third Party candidate to run for the office of the President of the United States. Ross Perot made a strong run during his Presidential campaign, and had it not been for his nervous breakdown could have very well won the race. If a Third Party candidate is to run for President, that individual will have to overcome the politicians, and the media.



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