Posted by: Nick Poma | November 1, 2007

Willing Ignorance or the Worst Cases of Denial in the History of Mankind

            It seems that there are some things taking place that if you were to look at them with just common sense alone, they would be pretty obvious. However, it seems that the American public at large is either not willing to use common sense, or they are just willing to accept whatever they are told. The strange thing is that the more you expose the truth to them, the more angry they get and sometimes downright violent. Perhaps, it is a defense mechanism because if they actually believed what was being done to them by their so-called elected leaders, then they might have to take action and that would upset their nice comfortable lives.

            People operate under the premise that everybody is inherently good and that they are just like you and me. This is a false assumption, not everybody is good. There are some very evil people that have no regard for your life or the lives of your family. They are more than willing to sell the safety and prosperity of everyone that you love for a buck. These people are known as sociopaths and psychopaths, and they have no regard, nor can they empathize with anybody else, although they can feign it.

            Many of these people, whether you believe it or not, tend to gravitate towards positions of power. Such positions might include political office, attorneys, and judges. I know you do not want to believe it, but these people are very aware of each other and it is like a big club where they all get together and wink at each other’s exploits.

            It is an odd thing that the American people will often demand an independent investigation whenever something happens and it is believed that a government agency is involved. However, when it comes to investigating the United States government, there is no such thing as an independent investigation and that is why we never see anything done, other than the obligatory ideas as to how to keep it from happening again.

            One of the biggest events which I do not even regard as a debate anymore, was the Twin Towers falling down after being hit by planes. Okay, let’s quit playing games here, planes will not take down these buildings alone and I do not care if the planes were made of jet fuel. Simple high school science tells you that a falling object will only fall into the path of least resistance, and is not even debatable. Nevertheless, this appears to have happened three times on 911 and one of the buildings was not even hit by a plane. Come on people, quit listening to the con-artist and use a little common sense at least. A crumbling building does not turn into pulverized dust and sections of steel girders no more than thirty feet in length. Even NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technologies) has recently stated that they cannot explain how the buildings came down without the use of demolitions.

            Yes, there is a definite media blackout of Ron Paul. All that you have to do is find the Straw Poll results that have taken place since the campaign started and then look to see how many times these results were reported by the mainstream media. For the most part, you will find that the major news outlets have only reported on Straw Polls where Ron Paul did not place in the top. You will also find it amazing that even when they do report on some Straw Polls that the mention of Ron Paul’s name is noticeably missing from the reports.

            The North American Union is not only being worked on, but it has been in the works for a great many years. The actual foundation for it was laid with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and everything else is done in increments. It is all done through small seemingly benevolent treaties and laws, but when they are all looked at in totality, this is where the big picture is seen.

            However, the people that are doing these things know that the average American will not put all of the pieces together. Americans are not quick to disbelieve what they are told by their government, because they have a sheepish dependence and a mislaid trust in their elected officials. I am sorry to be the barer of bad news, but you need to wake up and do something because if you do not, it will be too late.

            There are so many other things happening which the American people are not aware of that boggles the mind. There are also very few voices out there that are trying to open the eyes of the people and to show them the truth, but the people just seem to either be ignorant, or unwilling to accept it.


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