Posted by: Nick Poma | November 2, 2007

Hillary – In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Break the glass            The days after the Democratic debate hosted by MSNBC have really been interesting. The debate itself really failed to give any candidate any traction. The main topic of discussion seems to be how Hillary Clinton was attacked from every other candidate on the stage. However, there did appear to be one act of chivalry on the stage, but it did not have any effect on that candidate’s standings. Sometimes the high road does not pay off as well as some might think.

            Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who himself is running for the Party’s nomination, started feeling a little uncomfortable at the fierce attacks aimed at his rival, Senator Clinton of New York. It was Richardson that finally spoke up and reminded his colleagues that they should refrain from personal attacks.

            I expected Barak Obama to come away with the debate, but it was not to be, and Obama did not seem to really set himself apart from the rest of the candidates. In my opinion it seemed as though John Edwards and Christopher Dodd were the candidates which seemed to be the most passionate and prepared for this debate. Both of these men spoke passionately and really held Hillary’s feet to the fire.

            Since the debate Hillary has really been receiving a beating on her flip-flop on the issue of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in New York. The actual double-talk actually took place in the span of two minutes and left Senator Clinton open to a barrage of accusations of backpedaling on the issue.

            Hillary has decided to initiate the issue of gender bias. It is an old issue which many have been waiting for her to utilize, but until now there was no reason for her to do so. Unfortunately, for Hillary it is not playing too well, even among women. It is being seen as an insult by many that have already crashed through the glass ceiling. Must we remind Mrs. Clinton that we already have woman as the Speaker of the House, a woman as the Secretary of State, as well as many other women who run multi-national corporations as CEOs? Women have come a long way since the 1980s and the world is no longer based upon the beliefs held in the “9 to 5” song made famous by Dolly Parton.

            The fact that it was expected that Hillary would use this tactic makes it even more likely that many will interpret this as just another blatant political tactic. Do you really think that Hillary Clinton is held down by a glass ceiling? It is not likely, considering she is a United States Senator, which is quite a powerful office to hold in any respect.


MSNBC Debate

Aired October 30, 2007


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