Posted by: Nick Poma | November 2, 2007

Stephen Colbert Denied Run in the South

            Stephen Colbert of the Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report,” has been slapped with a little dose of reality by the South Carolina Democratic Committee. Yes it was indeed the Democrats which showed their true colors today in keeping the “Little Man” down. By a 13 to 3 vote the South Carolina Democratic Committee denied Stephen Colbert, and yes America, a chance to prove once and for all that the United States elections are not run by an elite political class, which has determined that only those that work diligently against the will of the American people may hold office.

            Of course, the Republicans had already proven that it is exactly the case by demanding $35,000.00 due at the time of submitting your papers, I mean applications. With only his income to pay for his campaign, Mr. Colbert was unable to raise the bribe, I mean fee, necessary to get on the Republican ballot. Perhaps, if Mr. Colbert had the forethought he might have offered the Democrats a little more cash to look the other way, but then hindsight is 20/20.

            Yes, the nation had its hopes lifted up only to be crushed under the heavy foot of special interest politicians that saw a true threat in the man that is Stephen Colbert. Of course, I do feel sympathy for my fellow citizens and I do understand their sense of disappointment. However, I still hope against hope that Steven Colbert will be triumphant and become that Presidential candidate we all know he can be. Perhaps, it is time that Mr. Colbert stands up and runs on a real winning ticket. Yes, I am speaking about the “Third Party” platform.

            It seems that Barak Obama started off the mix with a cruel jab at Colbert by insinuating that Mr. Colbert may have never even eaten grits, a delicacy in the South. Colbert responded by eating grits live on television and taunting the Democratic hopeful into a duel of grit eating that would surely rival the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in 1804. Apparently Obama does not like being challenged and quickly ordered his flunkies in the South Carolina Democratic Committee to sink Colbert’s application.

            Indeed, like the song goes, “I cry just a little, die just a little bit more.” Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned in such a blatant attack upon the people and their choice in a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, no, not really.


This is intended to be funny and not to be taken seriously, unless you want to, then it is cool. I have no knowledge as to whether Barak Obama has flunkies in the South Carolina Democratic Committee or not, but if he does they are fast and efficient workers. I guess we will have to wait for the “Grit Memos” to be leaked to know for sure.


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