Posted by: Nick Poma | November 4, 2007

What is Behind the Ron Paul Revolution?

            When the name Ron Paul is mentioned, it seems to produce three reactions from people. For those that support the man and his ideals there is an overwhelming, almost hopeful reaction to his name. The second reaction might be one of disgust and vehement disagreement with the positions espoused by the Congressman. The third is quite simple, an expression of apathy and is probably held by more than fifty percent of the overall population of the United States. However, these people generally feel that way about any candidate you might mention.

            Congressman Paul has support from a very diverse cross-section of the American public. There are people that are Independents, Libertarians, and a lot of people which have felt disenfranchised by the Democrat and Republican Parties. So, what is it that makes Ron Paul so popular to a largely diverse crowd of people?

            Dr. Ron Paul embodies the public’s awareness that we need to change the direction that the country has been moving in for so long. People are no longer satisfied with the status quo, and feel that no matter who they vote for, that is what they will get. Ron Paul may be running as a Republican, but the people that support him realize that he is a different kind of Republican then what we have running things now. This is why the GOP is in such opposition to Ron Paul and his supporters.

            Of course, everybody that supports Ron Paul does have their own agendas. The Left-Wing of the Democratic Party, wants the war in the Middle East to end and for the troops to come back home. The Republicans that support him want the war to end as well, but more than that they want the government to be limited in its power and to be brought down to the scope of what the “Founding Fathers” had in mind. Then, there are those that do not like either Party, and they simply want radical changes in the way the United States conducts itself.

            Nevertheless, for some reason the media has given labels to everyone that supports Ron Paul. I have heard such things touted by the cable news channels and talk radio as “Leftists,” “Loons,” “Crazies” and even “Anarchists.” Because the media and the political Parties have decided to vehemently attack Ron Paul and his supporters, they have truly started what has come to be known as the “Ron Paul Revolution.”

            Up until now, many people have been brain-washed into believing that they must vote for a candidate from the two dominant political Parties. However, the people have decided that they are sick and tired of the same old political whores looking out for their own interest instead of attending to what is best for the people of this country.

            I have heard many misconceptions and even lies being espoused by people that oppose a Ron Paul candidacy. It is very obvious when they are simply quoting the talking heads because the things they say are wrong and do not accurately portray the positions of Ron Paul. Many have said that Ron Paul is an isolationist, which is exactly what they said about Pat Buchanan, but that is a false accusation.

Ron Paul merely believes that the United States should not be interfering and manipulating the affairs of other countries, but that trade and commerce should be conducted. He also holds to the belief that the United States should not go starting wars all over the globe, but that if a war is necessary, then it must be declared by the Congress as laid out in the Constitution.

            As a matter of fact, Congressman Paul completely supports conducting everything according to the Constitution. He also believes that the government has grossly overstepped its bounds and is micromanaging issues which they should not be involved in at all.

            Many in the media like to make a big deal about the issue of Ron Paul supporters being Internet savvy. Honestly, a large sampling of the country is very tech savvy and much of the communications spread around this planet is done via the Internet. It almost seems as though they have decided as to what kind of people use the Internet, and they do not hold them in high regard. I would think that anybody that uses technology to communicate should be at least a little insulted by that.

            I am just going to urge everybody that actually cares, to just go take a look at Ron Paul’s website and read about his stands on particular issues. I do not expect that you will agree with them all, and you may not agree with any. However, at least you will have the straight scoop and not what the media is force feeding us.


Website – Ron Paul for 2008


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