Posted by: Nick Poma | November 6, 2007

Ron Paul – For the People of the People

Ron Paul is our Superman            Today is a very special day for Ron Paul supporters. Today is the day that the voice of the American people will be heard. November 5th has been designated a special donation day for the Ron Paul campaign. Supporters from all walks of life have converged on this day to raise their voices loud and clear in support of their candidate for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America.

            Ron Paul supporters have started flooding the official Ron Paul campaign website to offer their monetary support to the Texas Congressman. What is astounding about this phenomenon is that this is a strictly “Grass roots” effort. However, theses are not the usual suspects as the media portrays them to be. They are not uneducated, they are not anarchists, and they are not radicals, other than the fact that they are not happy with the current administration, or the direction that the country has taken. These are people from both Parties that are not happy with the choices in candidates, so this is not a Right Wing, Left Wing issue.

            For the most part, the typical Ron Paul supporter is very familiar with the Constitution of the United States, and I would dare say, more so than those who are sworn to protect it. Yes, the Ron Paul supporters are tech savvy, but that is nothing special considering many people in the United States are, and it is not dependant on their political affiliation. Ron Paul appeals to a very broad base of people mostly between the ages of 18 to 45, a demographic that any candidate will be envious of.

            It is my belief that by the end of the day, the donations achieved by the Ron Paul campaign, will leave many of the other candidates on both on sides salivating, and wishing that they had decided to represent the people of the United States instead of their own special interest. More than likely, some will even attempt to move in the direction of the Texas Congressman’s stances on certain issues. However, I for one will not be fooled by such a blatant political maneuvering, which they have perpetrated against the American public time and time again.

            I am actually spending my day watching the donation results on Ron Paul’s website, which are broadcast in real time. By the way, the numbers are climbing fast, but every little bit helps. So, if you are a Ron Paul supporter, then please take a moment to donate, even if it is only a dollar. I would not ask somebody to do something I would not do, so yes indeed, I did make a donation myself. You can even donate via PayPal, which makes it a very convenient way to participate in this cause. If you are not really clear where Ron Paul stands on the issues, then by all means visit his campaign website and learn about him.

I can tell you that Ron Paul is consistent and votes the way he believes. You can even check his voting record to validate his consistency. Of course, I am also listening to Ron Paul radio and getting the latest updates. What, you did not know that there was a radio station dedicated to Ron Paul. Well, do not fear, I will give you the link at the end of this article.

            Today is special in that it is not only in support of Ron Paul, but it is also the day that the American people will raise their voice. Today the people will declare loud and clear to those in power that, “We are sick and tired of your politics as usual, we do not want to be force fed the candidate you want, and we will make our own decision as to whom we want in office.” “It is a very difficult to lead a man to freedom if he has to fight or work for it,” however, this is such a little thing to ask for meaningful change in this country. Spend five minutes and donate even just $5.00 for the cause of freedom.


Radio – Ron Paul Station

Website – Official Ron Paul Campaign


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