Posted by: Nick Poma | November 10, 2007

I Cannot Decide Which Candidate is Less Evil, Rudy or Hillary

Bush’s Evil Puppets            With all of the talk in the mainstream media it seems apparent that our Presidential candidates in the 2008 election will be Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. The major news networks are determined to have these two candidates force fed to the public. The general consensus with the voting public is, “If these are the candidates, then I will have to choose the lesser of two evils.” Of course, in this situation it may not be so easy to decide which candidate to vote for.

            According to a new Washington Post poll, Americans are not happy with the direction that the country is moving in. Americans are looking for drastic changes from the Bush administration’s policies. This includes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as immigration and many other failed policies, and endeavors. However, the Democratic Party is not really doing much to change the direction of the country even after gaining control of the House and Senate.

            It was the hope of the American people that a Democratic majority would hinder the President’s authority, but on the contrary, it appears that the Democrats are hamstrung by a President, that under normal circumstances would be considered a “Lame Duck” so close to the end of his second term. I find it hard to believe that after all of the rhetoric espoused by the Democrats leading up to the mid-term elections that they would so easily kowtow to the President on issues that they claimed to be so vehemently opposed to. That is unless; they secretly have every intention of going along with the administration’s policies.

            My own observations of the way these events are unfolding leaves me with the very real belief that these politicians share the same goals and they have rigged the game so that no matter who gets into office, their agenda will still move forward. Overwhelmingly, the American public made a statement in the mid-term elections and gave the Democrats a mandate to change the direction of the country and bring the troops home. Nevertheless, the Democrats did not deliver and the public is treated to a spectacle of theatrical politics which only serves to strengthen the façade that there are actually two Parties in this country.

            What I have come to realize after watching these politicians operate over a number of decades is that they are two sides of the same coin, the Politicians get to call it and the American voter gets to pick first, ”Heads I win, tails you lose.” I know one thing for sure, if the two candidates running for President are Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, then we will see no change and the tired old status quo will keep trudging on.

            Honestly, I just cannot bring myself to vote for the lesser of the two evils in this case because they are both the same evil. Giuliani claims to be America’s Mayor, and for what, because he happened to be the mayor of New York on the most horrendous day in American history? I remember seeing Rudy Giuliani being interviewed on the news that day and he did not strike me as being that special then, and his habit of constantly reminding the American public of that day has not served to endear him to me either. The question I have is, “How do you start your own successful Private Security Consultation Firm, when you were the man in charge on a day when the city you were sworn to defend was so successfully and horrendously attacked?”

            Hillary Clinton is another story all together, and I simply cannot trust her. She is one of the Senators that voted for the war and then decided that the war was wrong and then voted for another war, and would not end the war and would keep the troops in the Middle East. Hmmm, that policy sounds pretty familiar. That brings to three counts of war that the staunch Democrat has voted for and yet she is against the war. Another issue which these candidates have in common is that they support the same Immigration policies as the Bush administration. So in essence a vote for either of these two candidates is just basically a vote for an extension to the Bush policies.

            The mainstream media has been trying very hard to push these candidates off on the American people. The media makes mention of these two candidates as if they had already received the nomination, yet one candidate has incredible credentials, impeccable ethics, and who’s supporters mobilize of their own accord to raise substantial sums of money. Nevertheless, that candidate hardly garners a passing mention in the media, other than the occasional barb tossed out from a pompous, arrogant, and ignorant host.


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