Posted by: Nick Poma | November 16, 2007

Democratic Debate at UNLV

Democratic Debate at UNLV            The Democratic Debate hosted by CNN at the University of Las Vegas Nevada started off very heated, but the flames were soon extinguished by a crowd that was not willing to play along with the politics of personal attacks. When the debate started, it seemed as though Barak Obama and John Edwards were going to go for the jugular of Hillary Clinton, but the debate turned against them, into the arms of the Senator from New York, as the crowd turned on Obama and Edwards, pummeling them with boos, and jeers.

When the debate commenced it was Obama and Edwards charging out of the gate with their sights set on the finish line. Their strategy was clear from the start, and that was to attack Hillary. Unfortunately, for this duo the audience did not take kindly to what was perceived as personal attacks, no matter how well founded they may be.

Hillary Clinton seemed to not be in need of any assistance from the audience as she countered her opponents in a manner that could only be described as affective and masterful, which left Edwards and Obama waning for the rest of the debate. Senator Obama was considered to be taking the lead in the beginning moments of the debate, but after the encounter with Hillary, he was soon reduced to a quivering mass of flesh with little ability to articulate his thoughts.

            The debate was fraught with the usual Democrat banter, healthcare; the rich are scum, and the illegal and misguided wars that the United States is engaged in around the globe. One of the topics touched upon was the new poll that came out stating that thirty-seven million Americans go hungry every year, many of which are children. This is a topic, which is sure to gain some momentum in this election cycle, because it is a national disgrace considering how much we spend to kill people in other parts of the world.

            The issue of immigration also caused my ears to perk up and I actually found myself in agreement with Governor Bill Richardson. The Governor of New Mexico stated, “We don’t need a fence. All that we need to do is enforce the immigration laws,” I am of course, paraphrasing, but the underlying sentiment is apparent. This is something that the American people have been saying from the beginning, but very few politicians are willing to accept it, or perhaps are paid not to.

            Tonight was the New York Senator’s night to shine and Hillary did just that. Even in the face of being accused of flip-flopping and being planted questions in a public forum, Hillary turned on the glam that is politics. In my honest opinion as I watched the debate I do not remember a candidate which was so masterful in articulating their ideas and opinions. However, the New York Senator and former First Lady can only hope to see this translate into higher poll numbers.

            The entire time that Hillary spoke, I kept thinking that she is awful conservative for a Democrat, and for about three seconds she almost appealed to me. Nevertheless, this may wind up being a mixed blessing for her. On one hand, she may be garnering support from Independents, and the undecided but she is also alienating the Democratic base as well as those on the far left that may see her as too close to the current administration.

            It is this writer’s opinion that it was Hillary Clinton that won this debate hands down. Senator Clinton was masterful, confident, and did not waver on her answers even when confronted by her rivals in regards to her inconsistent stand on the issues.


The Democratic Debate aired on CNN – November 15, 2007

Photo – AP Jae C. Hong



  1. Interesting thoughts. I don’t think Senator Clinton came out as unscathed as your assessment indicates – but to each their own. I noticed that she got a few boos throughout the night, and she still was unable to give a straight answer. As an independent I found Bill Richardson and Barak Obama both far more in line with my thinking on issues. I also noticed that Obama was the only one willing to get into some specifics on how he would accomplish things. If Hillary is alienating her democratic base I’m not sure she’s picking up any independents.

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