Posted by: Nick Poma | November 18, 2007

The Debate on Immigration

            The subject of immigration is a very touchy subject with many people, no matter which side of the debate you fall on. One of the major hurdles that we must overcome is the language that is used to define what immigration is. Politicians, activists and the media for that matter have been very successful in redefining our vocabulary to suit their purposes. It is this change in language, which causes the debate to be initiated on false pretences to begin with.

            The issue is not immigration at all, but it is about people coming to this country while bypassing all of the laws that we have set in place in order to protect the citizens of this country. These individuals will for the most part, come across the borders of the United States without proper documentation or with the knowledge of the government. Many individuals will overstay visas that they have been issued. While initially they were in this country legally, once their visa has expired they are no longer within the bounds of the laws of this country and are then labeled an Illegal Alien.

            The definition of Illegal Alien is quite simple really, it is a person, which is not from this country that has broken laws in order to enter, or remain here. In fact, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant or illegal immigration and these are both misnomers. Immigration, in and of itself is not an illegal act and in fact most of the American public supports immigration when done legally.

            The purpose of an orderly and well-regulated immigration program is to make sure that those coming into the country are healthy, can adapt to American society, and that they will not become a burden to the American taxpayer. When an individual bypasses the immigration and naturalization process, they are foregoing all of the requirements, which were put in place for public safety and for the individual’s smooth transition into American society.

            The recent failed “Immigration Reform Act” was not to reform the current immigration program, but instead was recognized by the American public for what it was, a thinly veiled attempt to pass another amnesty. It was amazing to see so many politicians and the media trying to convince the American public that it was in their best interest. However, I believe that they tried it too soon and the American public had not forgotten the amnesty pushed through by the Reagan administration.

            It is my opinion that even if the government were to build a fence along the borders, it would not solve the issue of illegal immigration. It was a pathetic attempt by the politicians to appease the already frustrated American public. In fact, the fence has not been fully funded and it is likely that it will never be built.

Most Americans would like to see current immigration laws enforced. It would be much more effective to remove the incentives for illegal immigration. American companies should bare a very large burden in the hiring practices they employ. No matter how they try to sell it, they know whom they are hiring and they do it at the expense of the American worker in order to take advantage of someone that is here illegally, for nothing more than cheap labor, and to skirt employment laws.

            Furthermore, the countries that these individuals come from should bare a large part of the blame for the situation. If those countries would get their houses in order, they would be able to have enough employment to satiate the need of their people. It should be the policy of the United States to pressure such countries to do right by their own citizens.

As an American, I am proud of the fact that many people want to come to this country, but there is only a limited amount of resources and the country simply cannot support a large influx of people without it being detrimental to the American citizenry. It is important that the countries of origin be made better in order to create enough work for their people, and provide a living wage.

Since the United States is engaging in pre-emptive wars, perhaps we should consider taking over these impoverished and corrupt Nations so that we can help the people of those Nations prosper, apparently there own governments will not do it.


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