Posted by: Nick Poma | November 18, 2007

Who is Responsible for the Quagmire in Iraq?

Three Dead Soldiers            In the time leading up to the war with Iraq, I was very much in support of it. I had long been listening to the propaganda spewed to the American public by the major media. I swallowed all of the supposed Conservative banter hook line and sinker. I re-enlisted in the military and I was ready to go to another country and start freeing some people from tyranny and injustice.

To my dismay, all of my friends were sent to several different locations such as, Bosnia Herzegovina, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, Afghanistan, Qatar, and the truly fortunate went to the Sinai Peninsula. No joke the Sinai is a resort compared to any other duty station pulled. What was most incredible to me is that I wound up being designated homeland defense and I worked as a communications specialist and trained with the police departments, SWAT, DEA, and whatever agency we were stuck with. No offense to those agencies, every man I met was a good man in my estimation and the training was priceless.

  I was definitely disappointed that I did not go over into the war zone. I even tried to change my MOS (Military Occupational Skill) to Military Intelligence, but I was too late and that particular unit had already deployed. Therefore, when all was said and done I was a leave behind and what happens to a leave behind is this.

The friends that you have go to fight with other soldiers. The soldiers lose friends and develop close relationships. In fact, these relationships are so close that there is not room for any old friends to fit back in because of the inability to understand the experiences in war.

From the beginning of the war, it did seem as though the United States was going to run through Iraq and leave it desolate. In retrospect, it would have been more merciful than dragging out the deaths and suffering of not only the Iraqi people, but the American soldiers as well. For the most part, the soldiers themselves were aching to get the job done and return home quickly. That was not to be the case because they are still there and some are even on their fifth tours of duty in the war zones.

From a military strategist standpoint, it is the Generals, which are to oversee the day-to-day combat operations. However, little known to the American public but clear to the average enlisted men, these officers are no longer officers, but instead they are a new breed of military politician. These Generals have forgotten what war is about, to get in subdue and get out.

Now they try to utilize restraint and that is good to a degree, but when the fight is prolonged, you will wind up with more dead than if you had just desolated the country in the first place. In addition, even that does not matter much because the American Taxpayer is going to flip the bill for rebuilding that destroyed infrastructure.

As to the laying of the blame for this mess of a war, which seems to have no end, the blame must rest squarely upon the Bush administration and those that enabled him, whether they are of his Party, or the Democratic Party. A war can simply not be micro-managed, for which the current administration is guilty.


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