Posted by: Nick Poma | November 27, 2007

When the Economy Dies so does the Country

            America finds itself in a situation which will ultimately determine her future. The current economic crisis is not an event which will correct itself nor will it be rectified by those that are perpetuating the eminent demise of the Dollar. Many financial insiders are watching what is happening on the Global markets very closely and it is likely that they do not like what they see.

            The Euro continues to outpace the Dollar and many countries are considering making the change to the Euro. This would be bad enough for the United States, but when corporations begin to follow suit, it is a sure bet that the country has very little recourse but to actively create a currency which can compete. The only way that this can be done is by creating a union of powerful countries in the Americas. The combined resources of South and North America are most definitely much more abundant than that of the European Nations.

            It is with this union that the new combined currency of the Americas would utterly obliterate the value of the Euro. It is my belief that this is a plan which was implemented a long time ago and has steadily resulted in the destruction of the American economy over many generations. It happened incrementally, and many of the policies which were enacted were done in order to alleviate certain troubles which were prevalent at the time or at least those that were perceived to be by the people.

            Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that we now find ourselves in this precarious situation. The destruction of the economy is one way in which the ruling powers can destroy the sovereignty of a nation and the people will beg for it. Over time those politicians and corporate moguls have actively been involved in destroying the infrastructure of the United States whether it is by shutting down manufacturing or by the selling off of National resources to interest outside of the United States.

            There was an issue of the United States selling of its deep water ports to other countries. U.S. politicians were actively trying to give control of the country’s deep water ports to Dubai, which is in Saudi Arabia. The American people were up in arms over this proposed deal and it was stopped from going forward.

            However, most Americans are not aware of the fact that other countries do indeed control some of our deep water ports. A good example is the Port of Long Beach where China controls the important American resource. In general, the American public believes that COSCO is just a privately owned shipping company, however, every Chinese company is ultimately controlled by the Communist Chinese government, and they have a vested interest in seeing America fall.

            Quite simply, when the Dollar fails, there is nothing left to prop it up with. When it happens the politicians will not say that we must bring back manufacturing to the country and start producing again, but instead the remedy they will offer the American people that we must merge into a North American Union. This is not the only answer, but it is the one that they will put forth first and most of the population will accept it with open arms.


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