Posted by: Nick Poma | November 28, 2007

Fence along the Border or Amnesty – A False Choice

            Americans are being asked to make a choice which is truly not a choice at all. We have been presented with only two solutions for an issue which has reached critical mass and is continuing to grow exponentially as time progresses. The issue at hand is immigration and it encompasses many aspects of the issue and cannot only be relegated to any one particular point.

            Those that are in favor of an open border policy have gleefully redefined the terminology so that the word immigration envelopes every aspect of the issue. People as well as politicians have locked themselves into two camps. One side believes that the United States should open the borders and declare an amnesty for those that have entered the country illegally. Although, they will not openly say it within earshot of the American people, it is their actions which speak the truth about their intentions.

            Then there is the other side which believes in the absurd notion of building a wall along the border, which brings to mind the wall which separated West and East Berlin as little as 18 years ago. It is a ridiculous assumption that such a wall would deter any individual suffering poverty and the possible starvation of one’s family from finding a way around the barrier.

            The problems with the borders include those individuals that find there is profit to be had. Whether it is from drug, or human smuggling many unscrupulous individuals have found illegal activities to be very profitable, and while that exist, there will be those to take advantage of it. However, there are two groups which are victimized by these activities. Those harmed first and foremost, are the people which are coming into the country illegally. These are the people who are abused and taken advantage of by the smugglers, and by U.S. companies as well.

            These companies are very much aware that they can hire these illegal workers for lower wages and work them harder than any citizen of this country and it is unlikely that they will complain to anyone. It would be one thing if they were doing so with compassion and were just trying to better the life of another human being, but the pessimistic side of me says that is simply not the case.

            The American citizen is very much harmed by the issue of illegal immigration. The American citizen is powerless against the reintroduction of diseases which were in essence eradicated in the United States. Cases of Tuberculosis have increased and are in direct correlation with an increase in illegal immigration.

            Social programs which were designed to help citizens in case they should have to bear hardships have been utilized to the point of bankruptcy by illegal immigrants and the American tax payer is left with the burden of funding programs which they see little benefit from.

            Some hospitals have had to close down in recent years. These hospitals were being used by illegal immigrants as primary care and the demand upon these hospitals was simply too much to bear. There is also the issue of natural resources. Quite simply, there is a limit to how much population any region can support. In Southern California the issue is water and it seems that every year there is a shortage. Add to the already large population of the Southland, those that are here illegally and it is unlikely that what water there is will support the populace for any substantial amount of time.

            The United States must enforce the current laws and not make new ones that the politicians and those entrusted to enforce them can ignore as they deem expedient for their own agenda. This is what they have done in the past and with that as a precedent, it is a safe bet that they will do the same in the future.

            It is not a matter of granting amnesty to millions of people nor is it that we should build a wall to protect ourselves from a perceived foreign invasion, but rather that we must hold the governments from which these people are fleeing from accountable for the well being of their people. The United States has a very poor record of holding a nation’s feet to the fire in regards to how they conduct themselves.

            It is the prevailing wisdom that we must deal and make concessions to such countries, but who says that we must? It is not in the best interest of this nation to heap upon itself every individual from an impoverished and corrupt nation. Instead perhaps we should hold those nations accountable and quit dealing with them. It is through example that the United States had gained favor in the world as a super power, and somehow we have lost that in recent years.

            In the past the United States was known for accepting the poor and huddled masses, unfortunately, there comes times when natural resources simply determine a finite number of recipients of the goodness of the land. It is no longer expedient to run from another nation and seek refuge in this one, but it is now necessary to spread what the United States offers around the world.


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