Posted by: Nick Poma | November 28, 2007

Should Parents be allowed to choose their Children’s School?

            A few years ago parents were excited to hear that there was a program being talked about which in essence would give parents the right to choose which school their children would attend. This was known as the “School Voucher Program,” and was very much anticipated by low income and minority parents. The main reason for the excitement was due to a perception that inner city schools are under funded and the Voucher Program would allow parents the ability to move their children into schools with more resources and better test results.

            However, there is even more to consider than just funding. Most people have a particular belief system and any deviation is not acceptable to them. However, due to strict government control of education it is nearly impossible for parents to find a curriculum which is agreeable to their own values and beliefs.

            Earlier in the history of this country’s education system, the communities would build a schoolhouse and hire a teacher to instruct their children in the basics of education. For the most part, this worked very well and parents had much more control over what their children would be taught. Then the time came when the government took control of the education system and began to dictate what was to be taught and how.

            Eventually, the government controlled schools began moving away from more traditional instruction and started moving into the realm of social engineering. Reading writing and arithmetic were replaced by sex, political correctness, and indoctrination. Not everybody shares the same belief system and some beliefs are fundamental. However, the state has seized control away from parents and in essence is really raising our children.

            In the beginning public education was very good and test scores was the ruler by which we measured that success. However, the education system has fallen into a disparaging state and parents are very concerned about it. We have seen the system fail to perform over several years and we are constantly being told that throwing money at it will solve the problem. Well, we have been throwing money at it and the results have failed to impress and in fact, are only getting worse.

            Something in the education system is broken and it will come down to parents wrestling control away from the state and taking an active role in the education of their children. Schools today have begun to look very much like prisons surrounded by bars and barbed wire. Is that an atmosphere conducive to a learning environment? Quite simply, children and students should not be held captive to an education system which only serves to perpetuate its own agendas.

            It is time that common sense takes over and we get our education system back to the basics. Stop the socio-political indoctrination in the public education system and revert back to teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. America is about freedom, and a basic freedom is the right of parents to choose who will educate their children.



  1. There’s a nostalgia about schools and the old days that makes everything in the past seem like a golden age. In early schools, most students didn’t finish and few actually got jobs that were more than straight labor or factory work. In the 50s and 60s, when I was in school we heard exactly the same complaints.

    The three Rs simply isn’t enough for today’s world let a lone the future.

    Anyway, vouchers is a possible step to what really needs to happen. That’s to stop running schools as unionized government monopoly. It’s simply a recipe for medocrity where the schools that cry the loudest get the most government money. Innovation and competition are what’s needed.

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