Posted by: Nick Poma | November 30, 2007

Ron Paul – The William Wallace for a New Age

Ron Paul as Braveheart            Every generation there comes a man which exudes the principles that America was founded on and every man should aspire to. In this age that man is Ron Paul, the “Dark Horse” candidate from Texas. Ron Paul is currently a sitting congressman in the House of Representatives and has been re-elected to his office ten times by the people he serves. In the arena of politics it is rare to find a man which can resist the temptations of money and power which is offered to them if they will simply serve the lobbyist and those which are considered to be the political elite.

            For a long time now Americans have been led to believe that the government is the only way that we can solve all of our societal ills. We allow the government to grab control of our very lives and mandate to us as to what behavior acceptable. It all starts with the government funding certain programs which are deemed to be important to our societal cohesiveness. In fact, social programs which the government contributes to, soon become controlled by the government and is then subjected to the dictates of politicians with an agenda contrary to the best interest of the American public.

            We have seen in many election cycles where all of the candidates will promise “Real Change.” They speak of how Washington is corrupt, but they are part of the corruption which is in politics and they have no intention of changing anything. Americans have become accustomed to the lies and the broken promises espoused by politicians. This is something which should never have been tolerated and we find ourselves in a state of apathy which is only going to lead to acquiescence, and eventually slavery.

            Those that are in power will rule over us and it is because we were not diligent and did not hold our representatives accountable for their actions. However, there is one man that has emerged which wants nothing more than to lead us to freedom. However, some seem to be hesitant, and yes, even frightened to make the leap into true and meaningful change.

            Ron Paul is the man to initiate these real changes and his voting record speaks louder for his character, than any man can. If nothing else Ron Paul has been consistent and has stood by his convictions and when one actually researches his stance on the issues, it is very difficult to disagree with him, unless you simply choose to misrepresent his positions.

            This is something we have been witnessing in the media, as well as, by other candidates. At first, it was a matter of not mentioning his name. Nevertheless, his popularity has made that next to impossible anymore. Now, it is time to assassinate his character and misrepresent what his message is. This was evidenced by McCain’s attack during the last Republican debate, when Senator McCain tried to equate a non-interventionist policy to enabling of the rise to power by Hitler.

            The problem in America which Ron Paul sees and is trying to fight against is the subjugation of the American people through deceptive and treasonous actions on the part of those that we trust to represent us. One example might be NAFTA, which was not a benefit to the American people and it was never intended to be. Nevertheless, the politicians that had a vested interest in seeing it come to fruition sold it to the American public as a great boon to the economy. Apparently, they were not talking about the American economy or the American worker. By the way, it was a by-partisan effort which sold out the American people.

            We have come to a point in our country’s history where we are no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but we are instead ruled over by a political socio-elite class which has decided to subjugate the will of the people for their own. Much like in the movie “Braveheart,” starring Mel Gibson, we find that there are many men which are willing to cast in their lots with the enemies of freedom in order to gain some semblance of power and wealth.

            Whenever I hear Ron Paul speak, I hear that great quote from the movie in my mind. “If you lead men to freedom, they will follow you, even I will follow.” All of the candidates know what the people want and that is why they are able to deceive us with their words. However, there is one man which has stood for his beliefs even against fierce opposition from those that call themselves allies. He has never blinked, he has never flinched and he shows no fear. That is simply because, “While you act uprightly, you are confident.”

            In retrospect, I can say from the bottom of my heart that I will follow no other man and I will not cast my ballot for any other candidate than the man which I believe I can trust to look after my best interest and deliver on that promise of freedom. That man is Ron Paul and I am not alone, because there are many others which feel the way I do.



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