Posted by: Nick Poma | December 2, 2007

Ron Paul – The Answer to Hillary

            While watching the debates involving the Republicans and Democrats, I have come to the conclusion that Hillary will be the Democratic nomination for President. Much of what I am hearing is how Presidential she is and her poll numbers seem to be an indication as to her inevitable nod for the Presidential run. In the beginning it seemed as though Barak Obama would give her quite a run but he has been unable to gain any traction against the former First Lady and now New York Senator.

            Recently, Hillary received a great boon to her campaign in the form of a hostage situation in one of her campaign headquarters. The man is said to be mentally ill and claimed that he was not able to get health care. I am a pretty suspicious guy and I find it odd that a man would threaten the very person who, if elected, would give universal health care to everybody. It might just be circumstance, but it has paid off in publicity, which is sure to only help Clinton receive the nomination from her Party.

This is just one instance in a long run of happy circumstances for individuals in positions of power. Just like her husband, then President Bill Clinton when being faced with charges of lying under oath, or any testimony during the Lewinsky scandal, or even the other scandals involving mostly sexual indiscretions, he always seemed to come up with a reason to bomb somebody in order to divert attention. Much like the Bush administration, who whenever he needs to gain support for the destruction of American Liberties, or the need to grab billions of dollars in taxpayer money, seems to resurrect the bogus Bin Laden tapes, or even false terror reports, in order to frighten the public and the House into giving him exactly what he wants.

            It was just a short time ago when the Clinton campaign was found to be planting questions to the audience during one of her listening tours. Then, a man who is tied to the Clinton campaign found his way into the Republican debate to push the issue of Gay rights in the military. Now we have this latest situation involving the New York Senator and it all seems pretty suspicious to me. All of the media reports seem to be touting how Presidential she looked while the situation was unfolding.

            Sorry for the bad news all of you that support the other Democratic candidates, but Hillary was going to be the nominee from the start. However, the Republican Party does not seem to be too interested in defeating Hillary because they are pushing candidates, which are not too exciting, and are even more in line with her ideology than the Republican Party. Even the supposed front-runners are not exactly what one would call true Conservatives.

            Therefore, since we know who will be the Democratic nominee, we will go through the possible Conservative choices one by one. First off, let us consider the current front-runner, America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is not a Conservative in the true sense of the word. In reality, he is what I would call an uncompassionate Liberal. Rudy Giuliani is Liberal in all of the social issues, but when it comes to crime, or other punitive control he is conservative, one could almost say, dictatorial.

            However, Giuliani comes into the race with a lot of baggage and the least of which is the new revelation that he may have used public money and resources to have an affair on his third wife with his current wife, number four. Rudy is possibly the least conservative individual running for the nomination for the Republican Party than any other candidate. The only reason why he is even considered for the Republican Party was because of 911 and Shaun Hannity dubbing him “America’s Mayor.” However, I find this man to be a creepy representation of a human being, even more so than any other candidate from either side of the aisle that I can think of. Sorry about the personal opinion, but sometimes you have to call them like you see them.

            Mitt Romney is another faux Conservative and is close to being as creepy as the aforementioned Rudy Giuliani is. I have a problem with a candidate that changes their position on issues in the time leading up to a run for the Party’s nomination. Mitt Romney had no problem with the abortion issue and had given money to the cause in the past. He claims that he changed his mind on the issue during the stem cell debate. However, that was in the time frame leading up to his decision to run for the Republican nomination. His performances in the debates have been dismal at best. It seems that every time he is asked about an issue in regards to foreign policy he just answers that he must discuss it with advisors. Even the issue of torture must be discussed and apparently he is not willing to define it.

            John McCain is not doing so well and there is a reason for that. In the last few years McCain has been demonized by the conservative media for working with Democrats on certain issues. He has also co-authored a few bills, which have not met with much enthusiasm by the right wing of the Republican Party.

            It was thought that Fred Thompson would be the knight in shining armor that the Republican Party was looking for, which says to me that those running up until that point were not the best of the bunch, and the Party knew it. However, Thompson’s performance has been lackluster at best and it is not likely going to improve.

            Mike Huckabee came away with the last debate, but I do not fully trust him and there is something just not quite right about him. I just cannot put my finger on it right now, but something is wrong in that camp. It feels as though the Republican Party knows that the other candidates are not going being well received by most of the Party and they are now trying to push Huckabee to the front of the pack.

            I was hearing it stated in the conservative media that if a man would run on the issue of immigration alone, he could win the Party’s nomination, and possibly the Presidency. Tom Tancredo has proven this to be a false assumption. Tancredo is only known for the issue of immigration enforcement and the building of a wall along the border. It has not translated into enough of an issue to gain any real traction from the Party base.

            However, there is one candidate, which does have the ability and the support to defeat Hillary Clinton in a Presidential race. Of course, I am speaking about Ron Paul the Republican Congressman from Texas. Ron Paul garners support from a wide section of the country and he even gains support across Party lines. I have heard hard core Democrats defecting over to the Paul campaign because of his stance against the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and they will even forego his stand on abortion.

            One of the beliefs touted by the Republican Party is that government is too large and too intrusive in the lives of the citizens. Well, if this is true than why has the current administration outspent any other whether it was Republican or Democrat? And why has the Federal government started destroying the Constitutional rights of the American people? I think actions speak louder than words and the actions of the current administration are coming through loud and clear.

The only issue, which seems to be a sticking point for the Ron Paul nomination is that he does not support undeclared and pre-emptive wars. The current administration went to war with a United Nations resolution and did not get a declaration of war from the Congress that is mandated in the Constitution of the United States.

            However, even the Democratic nominees, except for Kucinich and Edwards, are intent on continuing the Bush administration’s policies in the Middle East, and those concerning the loss of American’s civil liberties. The only thing that you have to look forward to with a new President is more loss of liberties and Socialism, which will enslave the population even more to the tyrannical whims of the already over-reaching power of the Federal Government.

            Personally, I would like to see Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul go toe to toe with each other in a Presidential race. Both of these men appear to be the outsiders of their respective Parties and that is actually quite refreshing. I think that most people do not truly understand how much they have been manipulated by the two Parties in the country and all it has served to do is polarize the Nation and keep it from moving in a positive direction.

            It is time to vote for someone that might actually change the way that things are done in this country. I heard a funny quote from Ron Paul during the last debate, “Americans are more afraid of an audit than they are of getting mugged.” How true is that and how tragic that the Federal government would afflict the American citizens with the burden of paying taxes on their income and possessions and when you cannot pay up, they send in the hired guns to steal your home and take all that you possess. It sounds like what our Founding Fathers were trying to get away from.


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