Posted by: Nick Poma | December 3, 2007

A Guide to Toys made in America

            With all of the recalls of China made children’s toys, it is time for parents to consider buying toys for Christmas, which may be a little safer. There are still quite a few toy manufacturers still left in the United States and are still bound to the safety standards, which Americans have grown accustomed to over the years.

            There are many toy companies still manufacturing their wares here in the United States. Many of these companies are almost unheard of, but the toys they manufacture are some of the most interesting, and yes classic toys around. For those parents that are leery of the toys being manufactured in foreign countries, than this list of some of the best American toy manufacturers will certainly put your minds at ease.

            Some of the toys that are sure to please the kids are the ones that they can ride. The Flying Turtle is a unique scooter, which relies on the arm movements of the rider to propel itself. This scooter comes in an assortment of styles and colors. The Flying Turtle is manufactured in the United States by the Mason Corporation. You may view their scooters as well as an online video presentation of them in action by going to their website. (

            Swing sets are another toy, which gives endless hours of fun to children. The swing set not only is fun but it encourages children to play outside and increases physical activity. Flexible Flyer is a company that has been making swing sets and hobbyhorses for over one hundred years in the USA. You can find purchasing information from their website. (

            Little Tikes is a major manufacturer of children’s toys. The toys made by this company include those made out of molded plastics. Such things as little kitchens and workbenches are their most popular items. However, they manufacture those car shaped beds as well, and cater to children, infants and up. While much of what this company manufactures is made overseas, they have had the insight to have a made in the USA section. You can visit the Little Tikes made in USA section by visiting their website. (

            Many little girls will be happy with our next selection and that is Barbie sized dollhouses made by Frank Martin. This is a family business, which manufactures exquisite dollhouses that come in several styles. All of these dollhouses are made with care and an attention to detail which is uncommon in this day and age. These are not your standard dollhouses and are quite large, which is what makes them even that much more attractive. You can learn more about the Martin dollhouses by visiting their website. (

            I have heard many individuals make mention of possibly creating their own toys out of wood or other such materials, however, if you are not a craftsman that may not be such a viable option. Nevertheless, we are in luck because there is a company which creates great wooden toys and they are made right here in the United States. Some of the toys made by Old Fashioned Blocks include those classic ABC blocks as well as toys similar to Lincoln Logs. However, they are not just limited to these items but they also manufacture rocking horses and some push toys. You can learn more about Old Fashioned Blocks by visiting their website. (

            These are just a few of the toy companies, which are actively manufacturing their products in the United States. These manufacturers serve as an alternative source for those parents concerned with the rash of recalls of toys manufactured in China.


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