Posted by: Nick Poma | December 4, 2007

Barak’s Kindergarten Dreams may come true

            We all used to make jokes in school about what might wind up in our permanent records. Well, I think we just got an idea of how true it is. Somehow the Clinton campaign discovered that Barak Obama had his eye on the Presidency since he was five years old. Yes indeed, Barak Obama has been trying to conceal his conspiratorial aspirations to run for President since he was a toddler.

            It all began when Barak Obama said that Hillary Clinton had a plan to run for Presidency for some time. Apparently with the new poll results coming out of Iowa the Clinton team is digging into the ancient history of Obama to determine just how long he has planned to run for President. It seems that Kindergarten essays count as a well laid out plan for a Presidential run.

            I can only imagine that the essay consist of one line reading as follows, “Wun da I am Prezdent.” I do not know for sure if that is true, but it is what mine read like. I say we must now look into what all of the candidates wrote in their Kindergarten essays. It is a new low for campaigns and it will not likely translate well for Hillary.

            Nevertheless, I still hold to my prediction that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President. I am just astounded that anyone is able to get information about what a Presidential candidate wrote as a Kindergartner. What is equally astounding is that someone would actually use that information and believe that it is a good thing.

            I think maybe Hillary has made use of the FBI records that the Clintons were accused of having possession of while Bill was in office. It is actually quite funny because it is such an innocuous thing that a child would write that they want to be President. Nevertheless, it is cool that the same child that wrote it can actually someday make that dream become a reality.

            What is equally cool is that the child is black and it was written in a time when nobody could foresee that it might even be a possibility in that child’s lifetime. You almost have to imagine that the people that read it thought to themselves that it could never happen, but they did not speak their thoughts to that child that was Barak Obama.


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