Posted by: Nick Poma | December 4, 2007

The Larry Craig Scandal Deepens

            Larry Craig, the Senator from Idaho, may just be wishing time travel had been invented at this time. Then perhaps he could go back and try to prevent himself from doing something stupid, or at least handle the situation in a manner in which he might retain some semblance of dignity.

            Larry Craig is the Senator which was caught trawling for sex in a men’s bathroom in the Minneapolis airport. After being caught by the undercover officer he pleaded guilty to the charges and hoped it would go away. Ah, the best laid plans of men never seem to go the way that we want them to. Senator Craig’s indiscretion soon made headlines and even resulted in a ridiculous interview conducted by Matt Lauer.

            Now, the Senator’s sexuality came under fire and Senator Craig had to go public and categorically state that he is not gay. This newest revelation of the Senator’s tryst with men is not a new one and as a matter of fact he faced similar charges back in the 1980s.

            Perhaps he is trying to use the same tactic that he employed then by denying the allegations and hoping that they go away. Well, that is not a likely going to be the outcome this time, and the reason is that the Senator has a history of voting down Gay and Lesbian legislation and is now seen as a hypocrite. This situation that the Senator finds himself in puts him in the line of fire from all sides of the political spectrum. Republicans simply cannot afford to keep having sexual scandals, especially those involving homosexual acts. Democrats are in line with the Gay and Lesbian community, and the Gay and Lesbian community are trying to have legislation passed which would normalize them in society.

            Now, the media outlets are reporting that there are a total of eight men accusing Larry Craig of having sex with them. This is one of those instances where it is just going to continue to grow. It is evident that the Senator from Idaho should have just thrown in the towel in the beginning and walked away. But when you try to deny the obvious, it will only serve to make you look like a fool and in the end, the only one that is shamed is you.

            The fact that the Republican Party felt slighted when he went back on his promise of stepping down has left the Senator with very few friends. Senator Craig is facing a very bitter battle, one that he is likely to lose.


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