Posted by: Nick Poma | December 7, 2007

Huckabee gets Boost in Polls from God

            Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas has found a way to move ahead in the polls, which is sure to bring some controversy. The issue of God is one that draws immediate scrutiny form an ever-growing secular America, but in the primaries, it is an issue, which will move the people to get behind a candidate. Governor Huckabee has surged in the polls recently and it can only be attributed to God.

            These new poll results come out on the heels of Mitt Romney’s religion speech, which was supposed to put evangelicals at ease about his Mormon beliefs. However, it is a widely held belief among evangelicals that Mormonism is indeed a cult. A Newsweek poll released today shows that Mike Huckabee has surged ahead in the polls to second place behind Rudy Giuliani. This leaves Mitt Romney in third place even after the speech he had given on religious liberty.

            While Huckabee had been under fire this week for the pardoning of a prisoner which then went on to rape and murder another victim, it has not affected him enough in the polls to override the importance in the belief in Christianity. However, the Arkansas Governor will find himself under much more scrutiny and will definitely be attacked by not only the Romney campaign, but Giuliani will definitely consider him a threat to his own bid for the Party’s nomination.

            These developments are reminiscent of the Bush campaign of 2000 when he claimed to be a Christian and ran espousing the idea that God was behind his candidacy. It was thought that he would bring morality back to the Presidency after the Clinton scandals. President Bush enjoyed overwhelming evangelical support and indeed did get the Party’s nomination and eventually the Presidency.

What comes to mind when looking back on the current administrations so-called Christianity, is the quote from the Bible that states, “You shall no them by their fruits.” If I honestly consider what the Bush administration has done, we are looking at wars, lies, deception, and the stripping away of the liberties of the American people. These do not seem to be Christian attributes to me, but that is just my opinion.

            Now, while this may translate well in the primaries, the general election will be quite a different story. It is clear that most evangelicals do tend to gravitate towards the Republican Party; however, with the record of the current administration it is likely that it will not be enough to gain the Presidency this time around, and certainly, the media will definitely make the same comparisons.

            I cannot speak as to whether Mike Huckabee is a true Christian or not. He does seem to be and we should give him the benefit of the doubt. However, we must not simply take anyone’s claims of Christianity without a little trepidation. There are many that say they are Christians, and they are not. They are destroyers, they only act to feed their own bellies, and they will not spare the flock. This is what we should be aware of and not just blindly trust anyone that speaks the words that we want to hear.



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