Posted by: Nick Poma | December 7, 2007

Mother Responsible for Teen’s Suicide wants Sympathy

            A teenage Missouri girl committed suicide because of a prank perpetrated though her MySpace page. When the boy ended the online relationship and stopped talking to her, she killed herself. The twist to this story is that it was the mother of another girl and told police that she wanted to learn what the teenager was saying about her own daughter online.

            However, this was not just a matter of the mother wanting to gain information because in fact, she was sending vile messages to the teen and posting vicious attacks on the MySpace bulletin boards, all the while pretending to be a teenage boy. It is likely that the mother who victimized this girl did not realize that the girl would commit suicide over it, but is that an excuse.

            Now that the identity of the mother has been learned, she is saying that she is being the victim of harassment. She complains that her neighbors are trying to force her family into moving out of the neighborhood in retaliation of the cruelty shown by this individual.

            The police say that there is really nothing that they can charge this woman with, but I beg to differ. This woman committed fraud and in that act, she engaged in activity, which led to the death of another individual. In the least, this woman should be charged with manslaughter because while not intentional, her actions did lead to the death of an individual.

            In this matter, I have no sympathy for a woman, which would victimize a child so horrendously that the child would then kill themselves. If it was my daughter and she was being harassed by another adult, well, let’s just say it would get very ugly real fast. Sometimes the justice system is either unable or unwilling to dispense justice, well where that system falls short, sometimes the public can pick up the slack.


CBS News


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