Posted by: Nick Poma | December 9, 2007

Rudy Who?

            In the beginning of the campaign for the Republican Party’s nominee for President, Rudy Giuliani came out early as a powerhouse. The mayor found prominence in the Republican Party because he was the Mayor of New York when the attacks on the World Trade Center took place. Before 911, Rudy Giuliani was only considered to be a RINO, which is, “Republican In Name Only.” It was only by the circumstance of the terrorists attacks in New York, and not because he acted in any extraordinary manner, which was the reason for him to be dubbed “America’s Mayor.” 

            Rudy tried very hard to be defined as that strong and stately man that saw New York through its most trying time. However, there was nothing spectacular about his actions in that time and in fact, some of his antics, in any other case, would have been considered illegal. The issue of removing the debris from the scene of the attacks is a very big issue. At no time in the investigation of a plane crash or possible terror attacks should evidence be removed from the scene until a full investigation has taken place.


            In many events in the past, the damaged material would have been taken to a place where they could be re-assembled in order to understand exactly what happened. This did not happen following the events of 911 and in fact, much of the debris was sold as scrap metal and shipped overseas to China. The destruction of evidence is a very big issue and in any other circumstance, it would have warranted criminal prosecution.


            Nevertheless, Rudy Giuliani over used the events of 911 and has suffered for it. It is my opinion that his trying to use the tragedy of that day to garner support for his campaign was indeed his undoing. It seems that in recent days Rudy Giuliani has been placed on the backburner of the news.


            Many of the news reports seem to be espousing the new ordained nominee Mike Huckabee, the Governor of Arkansas. It seems that the media has determined that the race for the Party’s nomination is between Huckabee and Mitt Romney. Huckabee has gained a lot of support for the Party’s nomination by making his Baptist beliefs the center of his campaign.


Romney recently tried to alleviate concerns of Evangelicals about his Mormon beliefs. The speech was said to be much like that of John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism speech. However, Romney’s speech was said to be lacking the actual connection to Mormonism and was a generic speech attesting to the importance of religious liberty.


            There are those that have stated the belief that the candidates for President this time will be Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, and I am one of them. At this time, it would be easy to step back from that prediction because it appears that Huckabee and Obama are the ones leading the pack in both of their respective Parties. However, I will stand by my prediction that it will be Clinton versus Giuliani in the 2008 Presidential race.


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