Posted by: Nick Poma | December 11, 2007

Can Ron Paul meet his Goal in the Fourth Quarter?

            Ron Paul’s campaign has set a twelve million dollar goal for their fundraising in this quarter. This is a very optimistic goal for any campaign to set, but Ron Paul is well on his way to attaining that marker and possibly more.


            Ron Paul’s campaign has seen a swell of support from many people along the political spectrum. His supporters are conservatives, liberals, and those that never even considered getting involved in the political system at all. Many are those feeling disenfranchised by their political leaders. These are people that do not like the direction that the country is going in and want to see it changed.


On November 5 all of these people came together to support the Congressman’s campaign by donating money. The amount received by Ron Paul’s campaign was in excess of five million dollars, which is indeed an astounding amount of money for any one candidate to receive in one day.


            What makes it even more astounding is that it was done completely by the people that support Ron Paul and in no way was it manufactured by the organizers of his campaign. Ron Paul’s support is a grassroots effort in every sense of the word. The media tried to make a big deal out of the fact that the donation event happened on “Guy Fawkes day.” But honestly, if you are going to have a revolution and try to change the way things are done, what better day than that?


            The next big donation day for the Paul campaign is going to be December 16, the anniversary of the “Boston Tea Party.” You have to give some credit to the people picking these specific days for donating to Ron Paul they sure are significant. There is a definite theme associated with the Ron Paul campaign, and indeed, everyone getting involved in his campaign does share the belief that it is a revolution.


            The Ron Paul phenomenon has certainly taken some by surprise. The media as well as the campaigns of his rival politicians seem to be at a loss to explain the groundswell of support for the Texas Congressman. They have gone so far as to accuse Ron Paul supporters of spamming the online polls. However, there is a big difference between spamming online polls and being able to raise a lot of money, and in the world of politics money talks.


            Money translates into support, and in the case of Ron Paul that is especially true. Mitt Romney raised about twenty million dollars in the first quarter, but he only reached that amount because he donated to his own campaign. That is not real support, and just about every other candidate has special interest and corporate donors.


            Ron Paul’s campaign is based solely upon the support of people that believe him and like his message. Ron Paul’s message is simple, to return to the principles and beliefs that this nation was founded on and restore freedom to the people.


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