Posted by: Nick Poma | December 11, 2007

Halliburton has no Accountability in Cases of Rape and Murder

            A U.S. citizen working in Iraq has alleged in a lawsuit that she had been raped by co-workers while in the Green Zone in Iraq. The young woman is from Houston, Texas and says that the rape occurred two years ago. She alleges that she was drugged, raped, and physically abused by several of her male co-workers. She then claims that she was locked up in a shipping container for twenty-four hours.


            She was threatened by the contractors and had to be rescued by agents working for the State Department at the behest of Congressman Ted Poe. Apparently, the U.S. government had no interest in prosecuting those individuals responsible, or holding Halliburton and KBR responsible for the attack against the young woman and did not pursue any criminal prosecution.


            This left the victim with no other recourse but to initiate a lawsuit in order to receive some semblance of justice, although short of incarceration and castration, it is difficult to see how justice is served. Nevertheless, this woman is not the only one to come forward and allege sexual crimes against the corporation running operations in Iraq. Halliburton was also under fire for some unjustified shootings against Iraqi civilians as well and even had the Iraqi government telling them to get the hell out of their country.


            The war contractor has a special arrangement where they cannot be held responsible for their actions and their employees cannot be prosecuted. That is absolutely appalling and should shock the senses of every American. Even as abhorrent as this situation is, it begs the question. If this is what they do to people, they work with and that are American citizens as well, then what are they doing to the women and children in that country, or anywhere else, they do business?


            Every once in awhile we hear a little piece in the news about our men being accused of doing horrific things to the people over there, well now I think that we must consider everything that we hear. Halliburton is the company that Dick Cheney worked for. When he received the Vice Presidency and the country went to war, Halliburton got the contracts and did not even have to place a bid. I think maybe we should start associating guilt by whom you choose to keep company with.


            Now, it is being reported that Halliburton is moving its headquarters out of the United States and into Dubai. Anyone with any common sense at all knows that this is so that they will be able to act with even less accountability and it will be less likely that they will be prosecuted when it is learned exactly everything they have been doing.


Therefore, we can sum this up as; Halliburton is a no bid contractor handling all logistics and services in Iraq and are accused of raping and murdering. Now, it looks like DynCorp will take Halliburton’s place in Iraq and they were caught trafficking in woman and children for sex. It is a no win situation for America when this is what represents us in these other countries. However, it is even worse for the people we were supposed to be liberating from a tyrant.






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