Posted by: Nick Poma | December 17, 2007

Ron Paul Smashes Fundraising Record

            On December 16, Ron Paul’s campaign took in over six million dollars in a twenty-four hour period. This smashes the record his campaign had set back on November 5 when over four million dollars was added to his campaign coffers in a single day. This was all accomplished with individual supporters and not with corporate backing, which indeed makes this astonishing. However, what is more astonishing is the fact that the media is silent on such a big Ron Paul show of support.


            Now, it is a widely held belief that money equates to support for any particular candidate. The more money your campaign takes in the more supporters you have. It is a general rule; however, it does get a little skewed when the campaign of a politician is bolstered by corporate donors and lobbyists. Nevertheless, in the campaign of Ron Paul, it is not the case and his supporters are just average Americans like you and me.


            It is estimated that there were over 100,000 individual donors to the Ron Paul campaign, which is a record breaker in and of itself. So, we must ask ourselves, why is this not being represented in the major polls? It is evident that the powers that be do not want poll results, which would reflect a Ron Paul lead. Ron Paul has won a majority of every Straw Poll he has participated in and at times by margins that could only be considered astronomical.


            It is not that he is charismatic, or even that he is a charming speaker, but instead, it is his message, which resounds with the people. It is a message of freedom and liberty, which this country was founded on. It is that we must not actively try to manipulate other countries and interfere with their internal affairs. Instead, we must trade with them and engage in conversation, which are mutually beneficial. These are the issue, which ring true with the American people and is in fact why Ron Paul has garnered so much support from the masses.


            It does not seem logical that Ron Paul could receive so much money by individual donors and have it not equate to poll results. That is of course, unless the polls are taken in places that are staunchly in lock step with either side of the political spectrum. That is my theory, that the pollsters are either polling people that are Neo-Con, or Democrat, which does not necessarily equate to Liberal. I believe that there is a portion of the Democrat Party, which is Neo-Con in Democrats clothing.

             That is why the media has chosen their preferred candidates. It is because whichever one is elected to office the status quo remains constant and there will be no change. Even though Ron Paul is running as a Republican, he is still a far cry different from the Neo-Cons, which have taken over the Party.


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