Posted by: Nick Poma | January 26, 2008

Egypt Overwhelmed by Gaza Border Breach

Gaza/Egypt BorderSince the destruction of the border security fence separating Gaza from Egypt the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been exercising quite a bit of restraint. This is due in large part to a sympathetic outlook concerning the plight of the Palestinian people. However, Mubarak must find a way to contain and control the flood of Palestinians coming through his border and it is becoming an issue of safety and security for the Egyptian people.

It was believed that as the people came across the border and purchased the goods that they needed, the swarm of Palestinians would become lessened. Nevertheless, this is not the case, the border town stores are being overwhelmed, and the border itself is in chaos. Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit has stated, “That he will show restraint, but not at the cost of Egyptian lives.” This statement follows the injuries of several Egyptian security forces that were charged with the job of controlling the border.

The core of the issue seems to be Hamas itself. Egypt, as well as any other Nation in the region, knows Hamas to be a militant force. This indeed is troublesome to any sovereign Nation and it must be controlled at the outset, or it could lead to larger problems in the future. It is believed that Hamas was responsible for the explosions that destroyed the border security fence in the first place and in any other situation; this would have been considered an act of war.

Nevertheless, Egyptian officials have decided to treat this as a humanitarian effort to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people. However, it is only a matter of time until Egypt will have to consider what the effects a long-term breach of their border will mean.


New York Times





  1. Cae el muro de Gaza y, ¿miles de judíos lo atraviesan?

    Fuente: People’s Geography.wordpress
    Hollywood y los medios de comunicación se encargaron de hacernos llorar en cientos de ocasiones con reportajes o películas como la Lista de Schindler y El Pianista. El horror que causa y seguirá causando…

  2. No es los judíos que cruzan la frontera, son los palestinos.

  3. Los medios de comunicación tienen un deshace la influencia en las opiniones de muchas personas, pero de la verdad prevalece finalmente. Es apenas un asunto de personas que hablan y nunca renuncian.

  4. I know they were not the Jews who are crossing the Gaza Wall… I wrote about how history forgets and Jews as well… weren’t they trapped in Concentration Camps during the WW2???

    They are doing just the same to other humans… they are like the wolves they once ran away from.

  5. Sorry, your comment was in Spanish and I was using Babblefish to translate. I guess I missed the context.

  6. No worries. I have some friends and visitors who don’t speak Spanish. They usually use Babelfish and sometimes asked me to tell them what I wrote about because Babelfish really is terrible…

    It just reminds us that there are things that still computers can’t do.

    Thanks for your post. I don’t like watching TV and I only look for news on Google. In your post I found out what was going on in Gaza and started googling for more info!

    Take care!

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