Posted by: Nick Poma | January 30, 2008

Hurricane John hits Florida

John McCain at Florida PrimaryAccording to all of the exit polls coming in throughout the day, the race between John McCain and Mitt Romney was very close, as a matter of fact, it was too close to call. However, as the results poured in it was becoming very clear that McCain had edged out Romney by about 5% of the vote. When a hurricane hits Florida there are some very tragic stories, but then there are also some very happy stories and in this Primary, it is true as well.

Probably the most tragic story in this unfolding drama was that of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The man dubbed “America’s Mayor” after the events of 911, had a devastating day in the Florida Primaries. When the damage had finally been tallied, Rudy had placed a dismal third just ahead of Mike Huckabee. Of course, this does not say too much because apparently some people were having senior moments in the Sunshine state.

Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter received some votes even though they are no longer in the race. Today Rudy has said that he will drop out of the race and it looks as though he will throw his support behind Senator John McCain. This comes as no surprise considering that during all of the debates Mitt Romney was on the receiving end of all of Rudy’s attacks.

The air was electrified as John McCain stepped up to the podium at the Airport Hilton Hotel. The Primary had been won by the Senator and momentum seems to be on a runaway track. Hurricane McCain is going to hit the rest of the country. From the reaction of the crowd, it almost seemed like a “Fairy Tale” story come true. It was as if the participants were supporting McCain, but they did not think that he would actually win, and because he did, there was that much more excitement in the room.

Nevertheless, even after such a good showing, John McCain understands that tomorrow is another day and another true test of his campaign’s strength. The candidates will travel to California and face off in yet another debate, and you can be sure that Mitt Romney will do his best to try to bring Hurricane John under control. One thing is for sure, after gathering speed in Florida, John “Hurricane” McCain is sure to be a force to be reckoned with going into “Super Tuesday.”



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