Posted by: Nick Poma | February 2, 2008

Anyone but McCain

John McCainIt seems that John McCain has seen his campaign enjoy a bump coming out of the Florida Primary. However, I think that it is suspicious that his campaign is even still going at all. It seemed just a short time ago when McCain’s national poll numbers had him at the bottom of the heap. It was so bad that his campaign was running out of money and he could not even air any ads leading up to the New Hampshire Primary.

It is apparent that somebody has a stake in seeing John McCain getting the Party’s nomination. There are some that want to believe that it was the Bhutto assassination, which brought McCain’s campaign back to life. However, it seems unlikely that that particular event had anything to do with it. While it is true that he seemed to enjoy a bump from around the time of the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, this is not an event that registers in voter’s minds.

John McCain has long been labeled a maverick. However, he was given that label by his own Party because he often splits with the Republicans on issues and votes with the Democrats. For all intensive purposes, John McCain is a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Even to this day McCain cannot even discuss the immigration reform bill that he authored because the issue causes him to be booed at his own rallies.

The hot topic on the news shows seems to be that the opinion of a few Republicans is that they would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than John McCain. I am afraid that there is really no difference between the two, except that Hillary is a little more honest as to where she is coming from. John McCain on the other hand is a deceptive personality that claims to hold conservative principles but his voting record does not reflect those ideologies.

This is a new attempt by the media and the Republican Party to force-feed a candidate that will do their bidding and to not work in the best interest of the American people. There are a few candidates that are considered to be backup plans, which are in place, and if we vote for any of them, we will not see any change and the status quo will be what we get. Already one of the true agents of change left the race, I am speaking of Dennis Kucinich. The other is being misrepresented and ignored and that is Ron Paul, while all of his poll numbers are being manipulated.

John McCain does not have a new and exciting message. John McCain does not have a message of change, he has the same old message that we have heard time and time again. That is that he will go into the Presidency to change the way Washington works, yeah right. McCain is a career politician and I think we must examine our own sanity if we believe we can keep electing the same people thinking we are going to get better results.




  1. Right on brother, Ive been writing about this guy, I am soooooo scared he is going to be the one picked.

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