Posted by: Nick Poma | February 5, 2008

Democrat’s Super Tuesday not so Super

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Super Tuesday is here and while the Republicans will know who their nominee will be, Democrats will likely have to wait a little bit longer. Going into Super Tuesday, the national polls have Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton neck and neck. In fact, all of the polls have these two candidates well within the margin of error.
In the weeks, leading up to the South Carolina Primary it seemed that Clinton was the favored candidate, although, not by much. However, through a slip by former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton has suffered some damage to her campaign, which may just see her losing the Party’s nomination.

In states like California, Barack Obama has seen a surge in his poll numbers. Unlike the Republicans, today is not a winner take all proposition for the Democrats. This really leaves this whole process up in the air and we will likely not know who the Democratic nominee will be until about March or April.

This is where strategy by the Democratic Party may come into play. If it is John McCain who receives the Republican Party’s nomination, then the Democrats may just decide to nominate Hillary Clinton. In the Republican Party, there are many pundants that are claiming that they would vote for Clinton over McCain.

This type of match up will likely cause many conservatives to stay home in November. In essence, this would be like walking up to Clinton and just handing her the Presidency. While many are excited by the Obama campaign, he does have a weakness going into the general election and that is that he is considered to be the most liberal Senator.

It is my opinion that whoever takes California will wind up being the Democratic Party’s nominee going into the general election. Therefore, it may not be such a surprise after all.



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