Posted by: Nick Poma | February 5, 2008

Ron Paul – The Real Agent of Change

Rep. Ron Paul (R)In these Primaries, the voters have been subjected to a cacophony of candidates trying to convince them that they are for change. These candidates are trying to convince the populace that they will change the way Washington politics is done. How many times have we heard this lie forwarded by candidates? The only real change they seem to institute are those changes which serve to grow their own money and power as well as that of their friends. All the while, the American people have legislation shoved down their throats, which only serves to destroy the infrastructure, the economy, and the reputation of this great Nation.

Either way you decide to vote, the only real change that you may see is in the realm of health care. If you vote Democrat, you may see the United States enter into a socialist health care standard. If you vote for a Republican, you will see HMOs control heath care. Other than this issue, there is nothing of substance that which will change. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue and it is even likely that we will find ourselves broadening our conflicts in the Middle East. We are only one terrorist attack away from going into Iran, and it does not matter which Party is in the office of the Presidency, if an attack happens, we will go in.

I stated in earlier articles that this is the year that a third Party candidate can win, and I believe that even more so now. Neither political Party has any substance and they are deceivers that are only acting the part of an agent of change so that they can get into office. It is evident that both Parties’ have decided which candidates they like and they seem to think, “Damn the voter, they will get what we give them and they will like it.” The media is complicit in all of this and it is evident by their coverage that they are trying to manipulate which candidates will get the nomination.

Nevertheless, there is one candidate running that is the true agent of change. Ron Paul is a Congressman from Texas that has been fighting against the status quo and the corruption in Washington for decades. Ron Paul is the one man in Washington whose voting record strongly reflects his beliefs. Some of the larger changes that the citizens would see in a Paul Presidency are that he would work to abolish the tyrannical Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS is nothing more than a glorified collection agency working on behalf of the bankers. The government borrows money from these bankers, who in turn prints money out of thin air, and then it is on the backs of the taxpayers where the burden of repayment rests. Meanwhile, how many American citizens have lost all that they own and have even been thrown into the streets because they could not pay the taxes owed to the government on the wages they had worked for.

Yes people, the income tax is un-Constitutional, but you will never believe it because you have been trained to believe that the only two things, which are inevitable, are death and taxes. Any part of the government that the people fear is a tyrannical arm of the government and I must say that there is no other agency in the United States more feared than the Internal Revenue Service.

The National Education system would find itself on the chopping block. This is a system of Federal control over the way that our children are educated. On the surface it seems as though it would be a good thing. However, it has become corrupted and just on the merits of how our education system is performing as a whole should be an indication that the system is ineffective and should be shut down.

The wars that the United States are engaged in around the globe are some of the most pressing issues facing this country. It is clear that Americans were sold a bill of goods and were led into these wars under false pretences. Everything that Americans were told leading up to the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan were lies told to us by a regime that wanted nothing more than to gain control of the Middle East, its resources, and its people.

These men are filthy liars, they have not been held accountable for their deceptions, and now we have these Republican candidates saying that we must spend more in American tears and blood in order to save face. Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side of the political spectrum that has the courage to say that we should not have gone to war and that we should get out now.

For the cost in lives in the Middle East and American soldiers, these men that led us into a war on faulty or false intelligence should be held accountable and I dare say should face a war crimes tribunal. How much suffering have these men caused and even when it is revealed that the intelligence was wrong they still knowingly continue the aggressions and the slaughter of innocent people.

No, Ron Paul is right, the wars were not worth the cost in blood or American lives. It is a war that is only going to expand and they will eventually engulf the entire Middle East, and possibly the world. Now they want to deceive us into believing that we must go to war with Iran. How many times will we allow them to deceive us until we finally understand that we will not have change until we elect someone that will institute change?

Ron Paul is that true agent of change. Ron Paul is a man that not only speaks about change when it is convenient, but his voting record has been consistent throughout his time in office and he has never changed and neither has he wavered.

Copywright Ron Paul 2008 PPC


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