Posted by: Nick Poma | February 20, 2008

Massive Beef Recall brings Fears of Mad Cow Disease

Beef RecallThe Hallmark Meat Packing Company of Chino, California has been forced to recall nearly one and a half million pounds of beef. Some of the beef in question is sold to the school systems in Southern California, but much of it finds its way into super markets. Allegations of animal abuse is the stated the reason behind the beef recall. However, there seems to be a bit more to the story than just animal abuse, which has many worried that there may be a much larger issue at hand.

It is not likely that a beef recall would happen as a punitive measure for a company abusing their animals. As a matter of fact, a recall is a measure taken when a particular product will adversely affect the safety or health of the public. The fact that this is a massive beef recall says that this product has been determined to not be safe for consumption.

The initial reports state that some of the animals in question were debilitated and unable to walk under their own power into the slaughterhouses. Big problem here folks, it could be that the cows had broken legs as is being reported by some individuals. However, it is also being reported that some of the cattle were diseased as well.

Many of the cows were observed to be “Downer” cattle. These cows that are in this state are unable to walk and have a higher rate of infection for “Mad Cow Disease.” When one of these cows is noticed they are supposed to be separated from the rest of the herd immediately and tested. According to individuals that witnessed these events, this did not happen.

One of the most prolific diseases affecting much of the world’s cattle market is the “Mad Cow Disease.” This has been a fearful realization in many countries where they have had to destroy entire herds. In many countries they have stopped the importation of beef all together. This latest beef recall comes too late because most of the meat has already been purchased and consumed.

If it is found that these cows were indeed infected with Mad Cow Disease, then what we have here is a contamination on a massive scale. It is likely that officials cannot come right out and say that there is even the possibility that these cows were infected with the disease because it would start a panic the likes of which has not been seen in recent history.


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