Posted by: Nick Poma | March 2, 2008

NAZI California Court Bans Home Schooling

Nazi SchoolsThe second Appellate Court of Los Angeles, California has handed down a ruling, which states that all children between the ages of six to eighteen must attend public school or an approved private school. This ruling takes away the rights of parents to home school their children in the state of California and there are no religious exceptions. The court is following a law, which was enacted by Adolph Hitler in 1938, which prohibited home schooling and required children to attend state schools. Yes, I make this comparison because this is the catalyst for any law which usurps a parent’s right to home school.


Germany has recently started enforcing the 1938 law which was never revoked and many parents have fled to the United Kingdom in order to keep the state from taking custody of their children. It looks as though this phenomenon is spreading and has now hit the United States in the form of a California judge that has determined that the state is much better at educating your children than you are. This ruling is an obvious backlash to the outrage of parents over the passage of SB777. The backlash of that bill was that parents would opt to take their children out of California schools. Just as I predicted in my article, “Kaleeforneia Loses its Mind” the State is now starting to attack and force parents to enroll their children into state run schools, Zeig Heil.


You can probably tell that I am a little upset by the current situation. One of the problems is that they argued this case on the First Amendment to the Constitution which is easily defeated. They should have actually argued this on life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some of us have been watching this country move in a down word spiral into fascist dictatorship. Very much, like Germany as the NAZI Party was on the rise, too many people sat idly by thinking that as long as it does not affect them, then it is no problem. Nevertheless, what affects your neighbor today will eventually work its way to you, and then it is too late because you are alone.


As for me, I have recently passed my CBEST test and received my teacher’s credentials. Therefore, I am going to be a teacher and I have a feeling that I may get myself into some trouble. I am not the type of person that is going to sit back and allow the system to dumb down or poison the minds of our children. I never considered myself as the teaching type, but I am the protective type and that I believe is one of my greatest assets. What many people are unaware of is that there is not law stating that creationism cannot be taught in schools. The ruling by the Supreme Court says that, “States cannot require that creationism be taught in schools,” but it does not disallow it.


What happens, is that when a school district tries to teach creation, the ACLU threatens to sue them, and even thought they have absolutely no basis for such a suit, the school generally backs down because of the cost involved. Another common misconception is that prayer is not allowed in school. Wrong again, there is no law which stops children from praying in school. However, a teacher, or other faculty member, may not lead the prayer. This is a very disappointing develop for parents that do not believe in state education of their children and would prefer to control what their children are taught. This ban on home schooling is certainly going to pick up momentum and it will most likely become a Federal law by the time all is said and done.


It is my hope that people will get together and recognize that this is an infringement on parent’s rights and band together to fight such totalitarian laws. The United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic which is to protect the rights of the individual against the power of the many. If government’s favor moves towards the minority, or to the majority it is no longer effective and has fallen into dictatorship. Perhaps we can change this system one teacher at a time. Maybe parents have to really become more involved, but one way or another we must fight those that would force us into enslavement. 




  1. If I were to put your picture on my blog… well, then that might provoke quite a discussion! You see, I keep a German blog and discuss (amoungst other topics) the homeschool situation here in Germany.

    I appreciate and thank you for this article. I hope you report again and let us know about the appeal the family hopes/plans to make.


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