Posted by: Nick Poma | March 3, 2008

Colombia Makes Move to Ensure NAU

President Correa of Ecuador            The North American Union is a topic which brings up thoughts of conspiracy theories. Most people believe the government denials that there will be no North American Union similar to that of the European Union. There is no one defining document that anyone person could look at to determine that the plan for a North American Union is being implemented. Instead one must look at several documents and news stories to learn the truth in this matter. It is also important to keep abreast of events which can lead to such a union. It is a culmination of information that gives a clear picture of just what is going on.


            At present most of the nations in the Americas are in agreement that this NAU is a fine idea, and Canada is very free in reporting on the advancement of this agenda. However, in the United States it is being done incrementally and in a subversive manner so that the outcry of the public is very limited. There are some countries that are not willing to join in this union. Two of them are Venezuela, and the other is Ecuador. Both of these countries are communist countries and do not have favorable relations with the United States.


            President Hugo Chavez had appeared before the United Nations and declared that George Bush is the Devil. Well, this certainly explains the unwillingness of the nation of Venezuela to join the NAU. Now, Colombian troops have crossed over the border into Ecuador and claim that they have discovered documents that link President Correa to the FARC, a leftist band of rebels fighting against the Colombian regime. So, now it seems that the NAU has somebody that is willing to do the dirty work of regime change in South America.


            The country of Colombia is backed by the United States through its war on drugs and this makes them a valuable asset to those that would like to see those in power that are opposed to the merger removed. Colombia is nothing more than a staging ground for the CIA to run operations throughout the South American continent. The CIA has also been accused of being responsible for bringing drugs into the United States in a big money making scheme.


This is very similar to the takeover of Afghanistan and the increase in poppy production which is used in the making of illegal drugs. It seems that whatever the U.S. declares a war on, there seems to be more of it. War on drugs equals more drugs, war on terror equals more terror, war on poverty equals more poverty, and the list goes on and on. Although the government has investigated these claims of CIA involvement in drug trafficking and found serious troubles within the organization, however, they failed to indict anyone. It comes as no big surprise that the government investigated itself and found no reason to prosecute.


It is likely that Colombia will engage in minor skirmishes with the Ecuadorians and Venezuelans. However, things will not go so well for them fighting battles on two fronts and soon the American people will be told that the U.S. must help out a valuable ally. This will give the U.S. and the other NAU partners an opportunity to jump into the fray and complete the mission which will be to remove these leaders from office and install governments that are willing to go along with the globalists plans.






U.S. Department of State


CIA and the Drug Trade


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