Posted by: Nick Poma | March 3, 2008

The Effects of Mind Altering Drugs on the Human Psyche

            In society today, we see many individuals addicted to mind altering drugs such as Heroin, Crack, and even Meth Amphetamines. These drugs are very dangerous to the individual but to those that would interact with these addicted individuals, they can be equally dangerous. However, what about the mind altering drugs that are being prescribed by physicians and psychiatrist everyday? Just because these drugs are approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), does not make them any less dangerous. There are three major brands of mind-altering prescription drugs, which are being prescribed today, and it is important that people understand just what the possible side effects are.


            The first drug is called Zoloft and is probably the most innocuous of the three drugs. Zoloft is a drug, which is largely prescribed to combat the onset of anxiety and depression. I have been on this drug recently due to a physical injury, which has changed my entire life and the way I live it. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and I have had a difficult time coping with my circumstances. The immediate effect I felt when taking this particular medication was that I did not care about anything. I did not care about anyone’s opinions and I did not worry about my circumstances. That was all well and good but the effects were soon diminished and I was left feeling worse than before taking the medication, because I no longer had that feeling of euphoria.


            Another side effect was the loss of the ability to concentrate. As time passed by, I found that I could no longer keep my thoughts ordered and I seemed to be all over the place. Eventually, I started to lose the concept of time and I could no longer discern what happened yesterday from what happened a year ago. However, the worse effect of this drug was the change in the way I would interact with others. I found myself becoming much more aggressive and agitated by the slightest distraction. This agitation and aggravation even extended to my own family. The doctors told me that these feelings are from my anxiety and depression, but I must beg to differ. I never felt these feelings until I started taking the medication, and those feelings have dissipated when I stopped taking them.


            My depression and anxiety was very much isolated within and rarely would they manifest outside of my self. It is my opinion according to my own experience that this medication changed the way that my mind worked and made it more difficult to control my emotions and my negative feelings. I have stopped taking this drug and I feel as though a fog has been lifted from my mind. Thankfully, the drug itself was the reason that I was able to stop taking it. Another side effect seems to have been forgetfulness. I simply forgot to take the medication and realized that there was a difference in my thought process. My thinking seems to be much clearer and I am better able to discern what is happening around me.


This happy circumstance could not have come at a better time because the psychiatrist assigned to my case has decided that the Zoloft is not effective and has decided to prescribe me a combination of Prozac and Zanax. Prozac is designed to fight depression. Zanax is used in fighting panic attacks and anxiety. Zanax is very similar to Zoloft and has the same general properties. Zanax is the next drug prescribed when Zoloft fails to perform satisfactorily, which seems to indicate that it is a much more powerful prescription. One of the major side effects of Zanax is that it is highly addictive.


A quick Google search will lead the reader to a multitude of horror stories about people trying to beat the addiction of Zanax. While Zoloft and Zanax may be similar in their uses, I did not have the addictive withdrawals from the Zoloft that may be prevalent with the use of Zanax. Prozac on the other hand, is a psychotropic drug that is worthy of its own horror movie plot. Prozac is intended to fight depression in the individual. This drug is supposed to change the chemical processes in the brain, which leads the user to a feeling of euphoria.


Prozac is another highly addictive drug and essentially, it is said that the effects of trying to get off the drug leaves the user in worse shape than before they had taken the drug. It has been reported that many of the people that are behind the huge media reported shootings were actually on Prozac, stopped taking Prozac, or some derivative of it. Some of the reported side effects are that if the individual stops taking the drug they will become violent, suicidal, and in many cases both.


I decided to look into the effects of these drugs when my doctor decided that I should start taking these drugs. I must say that I am happy that I did and I do not intend to take them. Even if I am that one in a million cases that have no adverse effects, can I really afford to take that chance? I think that I will opt instead to handle my own depression and anxieties in my own way without the aid of these mind altering drugs. Now, there are those that would say that this is a big conspiracy and that these drugs are being prescribed in order to cause some of the hideous events that have dominated the media lately.

 As for me, I cannot say that there is any particular individual that is being prescribed these drugs in order to cause them to create events, which may facilitate some shadow government’s agenda to disarm the population. I only know that there are many stories around that these drugs do cause people more harm than good and in extreme cases even innocent bystanders can be the victims of the prescribing of these medications. Perhaps it is time that we take a second look at these drugs and weigh in the balances just how beneficial they are.


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