Posted by: Nick Poma | March 7, 2008

Deadly Attack in Jerusalem Leaves Eight Dead

Yeshiva Shooting            A gunman described only as a Palestinian from East Jerusalem, walked into a seminary in Jerusalem. The terrorist had with him a handgun and an automatic weapon. By the time the incident was over 8 students were killed and 11 others had been wounded. This latest incident of violence against Israeli citizens is said to be in response to the attacks this week in Gaza which has killed approximately 200 Palestinians.


            The Palestinian leader, Mamhoud Abbas has condemned the shooting, while Hamas praises the attacker as a hero. It is being reported that Palestinians took to the streets in celebration after hearing of the attack. However, they are a bit nervous because they know that any attack on Israeli citizens is sure to be answered with more targeted attacks on them.


            The attacker was killed by an IDF member that lived close to the school and rushed to the scene after hearing the gun fire erupt. It is being reported that the attacker had by-passed all of the security measures put in place to prevent such an act. Apparently the attacker had possession of a blue Israeli identity card which permitted him access to the area. It is unclear as to how this individual was able to walk around freely while being armed with an automatic rifle. Hopefully answers will be forthcoming during the pending investigation.


            The Jerusalem Police Chief Aharon Franco stated, “There was no intelligence that there would be a specific attack like this”. Although he did say that there was a general warning for attacks in the area. Shortly after the attack a crowd was gathered and were chanting “Death to Arabs.” This latest incident is being touted as the worst terrorist attack in two years in Jerusalem. The attack happened in a neighborhood which is said to be the center of Jewish Zionism. This is believed by Rabbis to be an attack at the heart of Judaism.




Associated Press


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