Posted by: Nick Poma | March 10, 2008

Bush Vetoes Bill that would end Torture by the CIA

President Bush            In a not so surprising move by President Bush the FY2008 Intelligence Authorization Bill has been vetoed. The Bill was passed by the House and was sent off to the President for his signature. This bill was designed to stop the CIA and any other government agency from using waterboarding as a torture technique. In fact it covered several types of torture that are deemed to be un-American.


            The President tried to defend his decision to veto the bill by saying that these interrogation techniques, notice the lack of the word torture here, in order to stop the terrorist from attacking us again. However, many Americans are of the opinion that America has always held itself to a higher standard and most Americans deplore the use of torture.


            Many have argued that torture does not net any real beneficial results because if you torture a man long enough, you will find his breaking point, but he will also tell you anything you want to hear, even if the information is totally false. However, even more important than that is the integrity of our nation is at stake.


It is not good for America to bring itself down to the same level as those we fight against. It is important that we keep the moral high ground that is why the world respected us. It was because we could win wars, but we were also humane. This latest veto comes on the heels of another bill which the President has promised to veto.


The Restore Act which was passed by the House was only missing immunity from criminal and civil prosecution for telecom companies involved with aiding the government in illegal wiretapping and surveillance. The President was adamant that this bill must be passed in order to protect the American people from terrorist. However, it must include immunity and that it is retroactive. In its present condition the President has said that he will veto this bill if it comes across his desk.


Strange, he needs this bill in order to protect the American people, but there is one condition he has placed on signing this bill in to law and that is immunity for telecoms? This tells me that apparently the threat is not that great. Because if he does not sign the bill into law and then something does happen, then he is responsible for it. Secondly, apparently somebody has been doing something illegal and they are desperately trying to get immunity for something they have already done.


To sum it up, President Bush would rather sacrifice the safety of the American people in order to protect giant telecoms for the parts they have played in breaking the law and violating the citizen’s rights. With the voracity that they are seeking immunity, I think they have done some very bad things. It is important that we give no immunity and then when their deeds are discovered, we prosecute to the fullest.


If one just puts these two bills together, you will get a little picture of what this administration is about. Illegal spying and torture that would make the strongest man swear that he was the one that assassinated JFK. Neither one of these issues is American. It is in direct opposition to our beliefs and what we fight against. It is time to reign in these individuals that have been terrorizing the American people with trumped up threats of Al Qaeda coming to get them at every turn.


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