Posted by: Nick Poma | March 14, 2008

Obama Can’t Run from Twenty Year Relationship

Wright and Barack            Videos have surfaced on every major news network of Barack Obama’s long time Pastor. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright has long been affiliated with black activism and was even said to be one of the men responsible for the “Million Man March” in Washington D.C. The Reverend has constantly praised Louis Farrakhan, a man that is considered by most Americans to be an extreme racist.


            Many Obama supporters are scrambling to explain away Obama’s relationship to the Reverend Wright by stating that Barack and Wright do not really share the same views on every issue. We must wonder then why Obama and his family continued to attend services held by Wright for twenty year. One of the problems that we see in the church these days is that people are constantly wandering from pulpit to pulpit when they do not agree with the Pastor’s messages.


            The fact that the Reverend performed the marriage ceremony and even baptized the children of Barack seems to indicate quite the contrary. These new revelations even seem to explain Michelle Obama’s statement when she said that, “She was proud of America for the first time in her life.” This statement seems to fall right in line with the now retired Reverend’s messages. Obama issued a statement in which he declared that the sermons in question “Were not preached while he was in attendance.”


            Apparently, they were when Mrs. Obama was present because if you take her statement at face value it is obvious that the message was clear to her. It is very odd that the Reverend retired from the pulpit one month prior to these videos being released. This seems to indicate that somebody was anticipating the release of this information to the press. As it stands now the press is reporting that every attempt to get an interview with the Reverend Wright has been denied by the Trinity United Church of Christ.


            When one watches the video clips being run on the mainstream news channels, the Reverend Wright does not seem to have any hesitation in preaching politics from the pulpit and it is clear that he is stumping for Obama during a sermon. This is sure to leave some Americans feeling as though the Illinois Senator may not really represent all of the people after all. This is not quite one of those situations where a candidate may not have known whom they were posing with in a picture, or received campaign donations from.


Barack Obama, and indeed, his family have had a long time standing relationship with the Reverend Wright and his church. There simply is no way for Obama to escape this association with the Reverend Wright. With all of the rumors and innuendo surrounding Obama’s campaign this is one of the most damning and most well documented issues to date. This is not quite over yet and many people are going to be sifting through every statement uttered by the Reverend Wright. Just wait for the pictures of Obama and the Reverend hugging.






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