Posted by: Nick Poma | June 8, 2008

Bilderberg – Secrecy beyond the Pale

            Throughout the history f this nation, we have been warned that there are secret societies that would usurp the will of this nation. Through manipulation these societies would mold the public opinion into whatever they wish it to be in order to further their own agenda in the quest for wealth and power. John F. Kennedy was one such voice and we witnessed the result of his speaking out against these societies. In a speech on April 27, 1961, he alluded to such things. That speech can be downloaded in mp3 format from here.


            There are many secret societies which at one time or another were regarded only as conspiracy theory fodder and the denial of these societies was standard practice. However, in time many of these societies were indeed discovered to be factual. Nevertheless, with the discovery of the truth came also the inevitable spin that these societies were benevolent in nature and nothing more than akin to a country club. The one secret society which seems to stand out above the others in this day and age is the Bilderbergers. The name is derived from the hotel which the first meeting was held in.


            The Bilderberg meetings have been a point of contention for those involved in the so-called alternative media. It is believed that the individuals that attend these meetings are the ones that actually run world events, whether it is a war, the economy, or even the winner of a United States Presidential election. It is only in recent years that the Bilderberg meetings have indeed been proven to be fact, although, the content of these meetings seems to be the most closely guarded secret the world has ever known. I am of the opinion that good works are not done in secret and if this is the standard by which we measure these individuals, then the questionability of their intentions are off the charts.


            In recent years the Bilderbergs have started releasing the guest list of these meetings, although, it is almost a certainty that they do not name all that meet with them. Currently it is illegal for any member of the Federal or State government to attend such meetings because they include foreign dignitaries. Although, the Logan Act was established to keep this from happening, many of our elected officials have blatantly disregarded the law, and in fact, there is no one that is enforcing it. The full list of attendees can be found at this link. I think that the attendance roster is a tell tale sign of what is to come if these are indeed the rulers behind the rulers.


            Another issue bothering those in the alternative media is that there was a secret meeting between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton which was held at the same time and in the same vicinity as the Bilderberg meeting this year. It is too coincidental for many individual’s taste and I will certainly include myself in that group. America is a country made up of people that do not like secrecy. They very much want to know the truth and to understand what exactly their government is involved in. Is it too much to ask that if good works are to be done, that they be done in the open and not under the cover of darkness? We must understand that nothing good is done in secrecy.


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